Saturday, 12 November 2016

Second marriage or girlfriends?


I see some ignorant girls posting against second marriage of men. The sad fact is that many established, so-called sophisticated and well-to-do men in our country keep girlfriends in spite of being married. They do not keep second wives. With marriage, a Muslim man is required to give respectable status to women and other rights. But if a woman is happy being a girlfriend, then sadly she is just being used by a married man.

However, a married man is required to seek the approval of his first wife before he thinks about marrying a second time. But that man should not base his second marriage decision on desire and lust, but rather to provide a home and security to a woman who needs it. It would be noble of an already married man to bring another woman in his house who is a divorcee or a widow.

Girls, the choice is yours to condemn second marriage of a man but to express no resentment if a married man keeps a girlfriend.

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