Saturday, 3 December 2016

(VIDEOS) - Hoor-al-ain - جنت کی حُور

جنت کی حُور

جنت کی حُور کیسی ہو گی؟ قرآن میں چار جگہ حُور کا ذکر آیا ہے



The above carefully selected video lectures give a little detail about the 'Hoor' in paradise. And also about the reward in paradise for believing women of this world. It is intriguing that we can allow lots of filth on TV and do not utter a word, but we scoff at the mention of 'Hoor' or are shy to talk about it. 'Hoor-al-ain' is mentioned in Qur'an at four places and then other details have been given in sayings of our Prophet (peace be upon him). 

Even if there are some exaggerations made to some of those narrations but we cannot shun that topic completely. Scholars say that narrations of 'Hoor' are to keep men chaste in this world so that they don't resort to wrong-doings and illicit relationships in this world. 

However, going into too much details on 'Hoor-al-ain' is not worthwhile and men should focus on how to proceed on the right path which leads to salvation in hereafter and which saves us from hellfire.

As for the details about reward for believing women in hereafter, the following article on the site of Madam Farhat Hashmi is truly inspiring: 

Men get Hoor Al'Een in Jannah....But.......what do we get??!!

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