Tuesday, 13 June 2017

17 Ramadan - The Day of Badr

17 Ramadan — Victory of Truth against Falsehood.
The day of Victory of Islam.

The Day of Badr...

"Does it not suffice you that your Creator should help you with three thousand angels sent down."
(Surah al-e-Imran, 3:123-124)

The forces of truth and falsehood faced each other for the first time in the Valley of Badr. The number of the army of truth did not exceed 313 whereas the army of falsehood was three times as big as that. The Muslims were not properly equipped. Their means of transport consisted of about seventy camels and a few horses, while the enemy had come with full strength to knock down Islam, consisting of 1000 strong men with 700 camels and 100 horses. In spite of all this, however, truth was victorious and the enemy returned to Makkah after having sustained heavy losses.

Ay kash ! Baras jaye yahan noor ki barish...

Emaan ky sheeshy pr barii gard jama hai ... !!!

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