Friday, 30 June 2017

Truth - Where Art Thou?



Truth is not being told by our media (especially THE EXPRESS TRIBUNE and DAWN with THE NATION joining the club also). I hope you don't buy their stories. After 9/11, things have changed and global media propaganda against Islam and Pakistan has increased.

DAWN of today is not the same DAWN founded by Mr. Jinnah.

When I say "don't buy their stories" in relation to news by THE EXPRESS TRIBUNE and DAWN, I hope the youngsters don't think I am forbidding them to buy these newspapers or to read them online .

"Don't buy" is an expression which also means "don't believe". Otherwise I myself read these newspapers on and off basis and the other information apart from themes of Islam and Patriotism are not bad, rather these newspapers have great presentation. We just need to be watchful though about the ideological issues related to Islam and Pakistan.

- S Roman Ahsan.

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