Thursday, 14 December 2017

Masjid Al-Aqsa - One of three Main Masaajid

VIDEO - کیا گریٹر اسرائیل کا قیام قریب ہے؟

کیا گریٹر اسرائیل کا قیام قریب ہے؟

کیا گریٹر اسرائیل کا قیام قریب ہے ؟ گریٹر اسرائیل کے قیام کیلئے کیا کیا اھداف حاصل کرلیئے گئے ھیں ؟
ڈاکٹراسراراحمد رحمہ اللہ نے آج سے ۹ سال ایک تقریر میں ان تمام واقعات کی نشاندہی کی تھی جو کہ آج وقوع پذیر ہیں۔
Is the creation of Greater Israel near? What steps have been taken so far for the establishment of Greater Israel
Watch Complete Lecture :
 A must watch and share. Dr. Israr Ahmad exposed this agenda about 9 years ago

From 2009 - Village Malikpur, Pakpattan


A fountain at one end of a lawn in an agriculturist's house in village Malikpur near Pakpattan. Me with my nephew (Pic Nov. 2009). Seen in the pic also is a wired wall on the other side of which is an artificial nature resort where different kinds of birds (including peacocks etc.) and animals (deer etc.) are kept.

My brother-in-law owns the property. Read the story/article also written by me "Urge Needs Discipline" and published in 'Sunday Plus', THE NATION about the skeet shooting club in the same village launched by him - 

Monday, 11 December 2017

Raheel Shareef And Saudi Military Alliance


We used to admire Raheel Shareef but why is he heading the Saudi military alliance of Muslim countries which is only to safeguard the interest of Saudi Arabia and Israel? Why is Saudia bombing Yemen and killing innocent civilians since two years - little babies are dying there. Saudi Crown Prince also says he does not believe in advent of Imam Mahdi (which is proved by both Sunni and Shia wealth of Islamic knowledge). So why should we team up with the Saudis who were placed in power in the land of Hijaz by the British after First World War? Only Shah Faisal was a true Muslim in that family, that is why he was assassinated.

Also, the Saudi military alliance does not include any Shia country (even Iran, Syria & Lebanon). That itself is alarming for the Muslim world because Saudi Arabia could use that alliance for its personal rivalry against Iran and not really for the protection of Muslim world and its interests.

Honourable Raheel Shareef should withdraw himself from his current position in Saudi Military Alliance. Time will come in sha Allah when these Saudi rulers are severely humiliated and overthrown.

- S Roman Ahsan.