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"It is the writers, artists, poets, philosophers & thinkers that make this world a better place more than scientists and engineers. It is because the former category draws its inspiration from arts primarily being sensitive while the latter is mostly devoid of it. Most of the scientific inventions today are redundant as they take their roots from materialism & the world would be a better place without them. The only choice left for people with technical minds is not to become silent victims in the continuous race for designing new appliances and devices just for the sake of proving themselves, but rather to inculcate the spirit of serving humanity..."

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The objective of developing this platform is to create awareness about the general issues we face as human beings in our day-to-day lives and also about addressing the challenges to Pakistan apart from the World in general. Do not be shy in submitting your comments under any post.

This blog is not created to earn revenue; hence google ads have not been enabled on it. The blog also contains some of the author's original articles from his stay as Sub-Editor in the magazine section in 'THE NATION'.

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"Our Lord! Accept (this service) from us. Verily! You are the All-Hearer, the All-Knower."
Rabbana taqabbal minna innaka antas-samee'ul 'aleem. (Surah Al-Baqarah, Verse: 127)

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I owe the construction of this blog to many of my friends and associates who have supported me over the years. I could not have proceeded further without their moral support. Truth is distorted and nobody can claim to have discovered it (including the author). It is a continuous journey with no assurance of success, yet we have to carry on and pray to Almighty that he shows us the right path. Self-righteousness is a big evil since a person does not even know that he/she is a victim.

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"Together We Rise!" is about "Together We Rise!" Hence original writings, articles & posts of other contributors are accepted here provided they fulfill a certain merit & conform to the following categories (however, we are not paying anything for contributions at the moment). All such contributions will appear under the "Other Authors" category:

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Syed Roman Ahsan, Lahore, Pakistan.

| Writer, Journalist & Editor |

"A Few Seconds Or A Few Hours?"

A Few Seconds Or A Few Hours?

Think about a typical holiday: after months of hard work, you have your two weeks' vacation and arrive at your favourite holiday resort after an exhausting eight hours' ride. The lobby is crowded with holidaymakers like you. You even notice familiar faces and greet them. The weather is warm and you do not want to miss one moment enjoying the sunshine and the calm sea, so without losing any time, you find your room, change into something appropriate and hurry to the shore. At last, you are in the crystal-clear water, but suddenly you are startled by a voice: "Wake up, you will be late for work!"

You find these words nonsense. For a moment, you cannot grasp what is happening; there is an incomprehensible discrepancy between what you see and hear. When you open your eyes and find yourself in your bedroom, the fact that it was all a dream astonishes you greatly. You cannot keep yourself from expressing this astonishment: "I rode eight hours to reach there. Despite the freezing cold outside here today, I felt the sunshine there in my dream. I felt water splashing on my face."

The eight hours' drive to the resort, the time you waited in the lobby, in short everything related to your vacation was actually a dream of a few seconds. Though indistinguishable from real life, what you experienced in a genuine way was merely a dream.

This suggests that we may well be awoken from life on earth just as we are awoken from dream. Then, disbelievers will express exactly the same type of astonishment. In the course of their lives, they could not liberate themselves from the misperception that their lives would be long. Yet, at the time when they will be recreated, they will comprehend that the period of time which appears to have been a lifetime of sixty or seventy years was as if it were merely a few seconds' duration.

[An excerpt from the book "The Truth of the life of this world" by Harun Yahya -]

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

“Winter Solitude” – by Roman Ahsan

“WINTER SOLITUDE” – by Roman Ahsan 
[Feb. 2010]

Nothing is more distressing than winter solitude. It seems there are demons all around with no one to rescue us. Even our best friends desert us since the world cares less for the pain of others. The birds chirp outside in pairs but our heart does not sing with them. We start going through old photo albums but they further make us slide into the blues with our eyes turning moist. We reach out for some chocolate, and it does feel good for a while but it fails to color our soul. The valley of hope where happiness dances like a butterfly remains far from reach. The more joy we feign, the more tears we have to shed since our soul fails to acknowledge this disparity. Deeply imbedded in our heart is a longing that never goes away. There is a vacuum, a lingering pain, some sensitivity, an agonizing memory and a concern for others that remains unreciprocated. The world does not understand our emotions all the time and loses patience with our constant self-indulgence. Thus we keep receiving one blow after another and an aura of gloominess seems to surround us. We try to cherish our aspirations and dreams but life is too cruel to contribute anything. With head down on the desk, we soak our memories in tears. Suddenly, a feeling of peace overcomes our gloominess. God consoles us and sends His angels. He wants us to repent for our sins and to get ready for a purpose in life. He wants us to leave our tormenting past behind and look forward to a future where we help people around us. People are in pain everywhere, souls are hurting everywhere. If we waste our strength in tears then who will color this world? Should we be so self-centered and have no concern for others? With this we rise from the ground and head towards the outer world. Our horse of courage waits for us there. He just needs the reins of faith to steer him towards the valley of hope. The valley that we now begin to see…….