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Ramadan Mubarak !!


Gone to the dogs?

Gone to the dogs?

Someone shared this article by Dr A Q Khan "Gone to the dogs". Amongst other issues, the article gives a balanced viewpoint about the incident in Model Town. It is a very good article, everything perfect, but when we read about "Imran Khan being indecent on his part to call a media house (JANG group) and its editor-in-chief names" then we can also observe that it is on THE NEWS site. However, Imran Khan should definitely act less emotional and invest more time and money in other developmental ventures than these 'jalsaas' which are distracting the attention of common people from their daily duties. Secondly, the article casts a very hopeless picture about Pakistan and we can do without prophecies of Maulana Abdul Qalam Azad as mentioned in it. Presenting hopelessness about future of Pakistan is specialty of JANG GROUP...

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Donate for IDPs of Waziristan

How to donate for IDPs of North Waziristan:

[Copied from] - This blog does not include content copied from other sites but since this is just information for donations, hence we have posted it so that more and more people could be motivated.

Please first review the information below and confirm fully before you donate an amount.

Pakistan Army:

Karachi & Hyderabad: Collection points at COD Karachi, DHA Golf club, Malir Cantt gate.
At Hyderabad and Pano Aqil, donation collection points have been established at respective cantonment gates. Contact numbers for further details are 03212532699, 03006420542, and 03213789526.

Lahore: Collection points at Fortress Stadium Lahore, Masjid Chowk E-Block DHA Phase I, Beacon House School Z Block DHA Phase 3, Wateen Chowk DHA Phase5. More details can be obtained from following contacts 042-66993281, 042-37017375, 03216812531, 111-929-909, 0494-310005 ( Chonia Cantt).

Donation can also be deposited in Askari Bank Limited GHQ Branch Account no- 0028-010121825-8

Punjab Government ‘Chief Minister’s Relief Fund’:

Account title: Chief Minister’s Relief Fund
Bank of Punjab Civil Secretariat Branch Lahore
Account no: CD 0047310002 Branch Code 0008

Imran Khan Foundation:

Bank: Muslim Commercial Bank MCB Ltd.
Account Title: Imran Khan Foundation
Account No: 0527-2203-9100-2952
Swift Code: MUCBPKKA
Branch: PIA Society Branch,Lahore
Branch Code:1522

IDP Control Room setup by KPK Government:

IDPs Control Room established by Chief Secretary #KP Relative staff available on 091-9213845, 9213959, 5274625, 5274339 & Fax 091-9212059
Awami National Party’s National Youth Organisation
Account no: 02197900507303
HBL Bank Road Mardan
Branch Code 0219

National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA):

Local Currency Account (PAK Rupees): Account #000294-2 Branch Code:1732 Branch Name:National Bank of Pakistan, Prime Minister’s Secretariat Branch, Islamabad – Pakistan Swift Code:NBPAPKKA02i
Foreign Currencies Account (US Dollar): Account #9901526 Branch Code:0341 Branch Name:National Bank of Pakistan, Main Civic Centre Branch, Islamabad – Pakistan Swift Code : NBPAPKKA02i

Al Khidmat Foundation:
Account Title:Al-Khidmat Foundation Punjab
Currency: PakRupees
Account No:0315739091003005
Bank Name:Muslim Commercial Bank MCB Moon Market
Branch Name:Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore
BranchCode: 1354

Pakistan Youth Alliance (PYA):

For Volunteering and donations, contact 03465357271
Swift Code: SMBLPKKA
Account no: 20311-122-720
Complete account no for 1 link & International transfers: 01-04-18-20311-714-122720
Account title: Pakistan Youth Alliance
Summit Bank Blue Area Islamabad Pakistan

Revisiting Signs of Judgment Day - June 26, 2014



The list below was shared by a Bosnian Muslim on Facebook in January 2014 with the note: “The lesser signs of qiyamah: to my understanding all or nearly all are fulfilled.” – Interestingly, this account (or signs) is the same as described by the Muslim scholars in Indo-Pak region. Hence cross-verification!! 

The signs of Judgment Day have not been invented Naooz Billah by someone. These are documented in hadith books and passed on from generation to generation, and they help us give an understanding of what is happening 'today' all around.


The disappearance of knowledge and
the appearance of ignorance (Bukhari,
Muslim, Ibn Majah, and Ahmad)

Books/writing will be widespread and
(religious) knowledge will be low

Women will outnumber men......
eventually 50:1 (Bukhari, Muslim, and

Killing, killing, killing (Bukhari,
Muslim, Ibn Majah, and Ahmad)

The nations of the earth will gather
against the Muslims like hungry
people going to sit down to a table
full of food. This will occur when the
Muslims are large in number, but "like
the foam of the sea".

Rain will be acidic or burning (at-
Tabarani, al-Hakim)

Children of fornication will become
widespread or prevalent (at-Tabarani,

When a trust becomes a means of
making a profit (at-Tirmidhi, Al-

Gains will be shared out only among
the rich, with no benefit to the poor

Paying zakat becomes a burden and
miserliness becomes widespread;
charity is given reluctantly (at-
Tirmidhi and Al-Haythami)

Miserliness will be thrown into the
hearts of people (Bukhari)

Episodes of sudden death will become
widespread (Ahmad)

There will be people who will be
brethren in public but enemies in
secret (He was asked how that would
come about and replied, "Because
they will have ulterior motives in their
mutual dealings and at the same time
will fear one another.") (at-Tirmidhi)

When a man obeys his wife and
disobeys his mother; and treats his
friend kindly while shunning his
father (at-Tirmidhi)

When voices are raised in the
mosques (at-Tirmidhi)

People will walk in the marketplace
with their thighs exposed

Great distances will be traversed in
short spans of time

The people of Iraq will receive no
food and no money due to oppression
by the Romans (Europeans) - (Muslim)

People will hop between the clouds
and the earth

A tribulation will enter everyone’s
home (Ahmad)

The leader of a people will be the
worst of them (at-Tirmidhi)

Leaders of people will be oppressors

People will treat a man with respect
out of fear for some evil he might do

Men will begin to wear silk (at-

Female singers and musical
instruments will become popular (at-

When singers become common (Al-

People will dance late into the night

When the last ones of the Ummah
begin to curse the first ones (at-

Adultery and fornication will be
prevalent (Prophet Muhammad
peace be upon him, said that this has
never happened without new
diseases befalling the people, which
their ancestors had not known.)
(Bukhari, Muslim, Ibn Majah, and Al-

When fornication becomes
widespread among your leaders
(Prophet Muhammad
, peace be upon
him, said that this will happen when
the people stop forbidding evil) (Ibn

Adultery and fornication will be
performed in the open

The consumption of intoxicants will
be widespread (Bukhari and Muslim)

People will claim to follow the Qur'an
but will reject hadith and sunnah
(Abu Dawood)

People will believe in the stars (Al-

People will reject al-Qadr (the Divine
Decree of Destiny) (Al-Haythami)

Time will pass rapidly (Bukhari,
Muslim, and Ahmad)

Good deeds will decrease (Bukhari)

Smog will appear over cities because
of the evil that they are doing.

People will be carrying on with their
trade, but their will only be a few
trustworthy persons.

A man will pass by a grave and wish
that he was in their place (Bukhari)

Earthquakes will increase (Bukhari
and Muslim)

There will be attempts to make the
deserts green

The appearance of false messengers
(30 dajjals) (Bukhari)

Women will be naked in spite of being
dressed, these women will be led
astray and will lead others astray

The conquest of Constantinople by
the Muslims (Ahmad)

The conquest of India by the
Muslims, just prior to the return of
Jesus, son of Mary (peace be upon
both of them) (Ahmad, an-Nisa'i, at-
Tabarani, al-Hakim)

When people begin to compete with
others in the construction of taller
buildings (Bukhari)

There will be a special greeting for
the people of distinction (Ahmad)

The Euphrates will disclose a treasure
(Prophet Muhammad
, peace be upon
him, said that whoever is present
should not take anything from it)
(Bukhari and Muslim)

Two large groups, adhering to the
same religious teaching will fight
each other with large numbers of
casualties (Bukhari and Muslim)

Wild animals will be able to talk to
humans (Ahmad)

A man will leave his home and his
thigh or hip will tell him what is
happening back at his home (Ahmad)

Years of deceit in which the truthful
person will not be believed and the
liar will be believed (Ahmad)

Bearing false witness will become
widespread (Al-Haythami and Ahmad)

When men will lie with men and women
will lie with women (Al-Haythami)

Trade will become so widespread that
a woman will be forced to help her
husband in business (Ahmad)

A woman will enter the workforce out
of love for this world (Ahmad)

Arrogance will increase in the earth
(at-Tabarani, al-Hakim)

Family ties will be cut (Ahmad)

Men will begin to look like women
and women will begin to look like

There will be many women of child-
bearing age who will no longer give

There will be an abundance of food,
much of which has no blessing in it.
People will refuse when offered food.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Video: Reality of TUQ

Reality of Tahir-ul-Qadri - check video (no need to log into Facebook) 

- The spiritual claims made by TUQ Sahab in this video are not so digestible...

And the tribesmen & IDP's of Northern Areas need help foremost, we don't need these dramas by people like TUQ who are sitting in Canada and trying to decide the future of Pakistan. Tahir-ul-Qadri also tried to please the global media over the issue of drawing of caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) in Denmark. Pakistan Army has carried out a good step at least by donating one-day salaries of the entire institution to the IDP's. More efforts are needed in this direction in this situation and less for political agendas by TUQ and all other political parties who just want Shahbaz Sharif to resign without proper inquiry on Model Town incident so they can take his place.

- In any case, PML (N) needs a lot of improvement and more sincere efforts towards Pakistan especially about increasing rate of inflation but we should still acknowledge their contributions in development measures like building of roads, bridges and other infrastructure. Imran Khan should try to act wiser and less emotional in these times when Army is engaged in a big operation in North and is also trying to help the locals (IDPs) in settling down - We cannot afford more chaos in this situation - He can resume his activities after some gap if he wants to....

Friday, 20 June 2014

Model Town Case & Opposition

Model Town Case & Opposition:

By Aquil Siddiqui (We do not subscribe to all of his other views and sharing this post as per need of time): 

Move for ousting of PMLN government is going on in full swing right in the middle of National emergency of Armed forces operation against Taliban. Mishandling of the situation by PMLN government has taken top priority or agenda of all the opposition forces including Media and social media for asking them to accept all the blames and resign in return. There is pressure to punish them without waiting for any kind of inquiry. All the uproar is based on the media projections as if the Media has taken the role of Judiciary too.

People have forgotten what is happening in the other three provinces and what success our Armed forces are getting. The only important thing for them is to kick the PMLN government for this reason.

Let us say the PMLN government is gone, then what? Are we ready for the next election? Will it be so easy in the middle of a war like situation?

Lahore has become the center of playing field by all the opposing forces.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Model Town Incident & Aftermath:

Model Town Incident & Aftermath:

A sad incident happens in Pakistan (Model Town) which baffles the mind. However, asking Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to resign is easy but the real question is, is he really responsible for all that or is there a conspiracy to sabotage his reputation? And can Punjab have a new Chief Minister who can serve the people better than him or will we be thrown from the frying pan into the fire? Some good developmental work has also been achieved (infrastructure etc.) under his rule though there is much to be craved for. 

Other political parties are trying to cash on this incident and we need to evaluate things neutrally. Since there is no fair-play and justice in Pakistan, we should demand that the REAL culprits of the chaos that took place in Model Town yesterday be punished. Shahbaz Sharif has many faults but he does not seem the kind of person to supervise such foul actions which killed and injured common people yesterday. And people should stop sharing bloody pictures of injured people and corpses on Facebook. These are not good gestures and habits. - (

Monday, 16 June 2014

Operation by Pakistan Army begins - so much to crave for:

Operation by Pakistan Army begins - so much to crave for:

If Pakistan Army has carried out a right step with its operation in North (about which only Allah knows best) then we are also with Pakistan Army - In any case, Prime Minister of Pakistan should have addressed the nation to take us into confidence and should have tried to pacify the nation about the right and wrong of issue diplomatically but without stating any clear objectives to avoid media projection of future aims. But one needs to be a man to do all that. General (Late) Zia-ul-Haque was always very prompt about that and he used to handle such grave situations very well with his confidence and upright approach. There were many things he couldn't do right due to the challenges he was facing in that time like the attack by the Soviets on Afghanistan, but he was a bold man. Blind lovers of democracy cannot value his efforts to unite the Ummah and to create consciousness about the Islamic ideology after the dark ages of Bhutto era (which have returned again since the last decade including the tenure of Mr. Musharraff). And linking General Zia with the launch of Mr. Nawaz Sharif is like linking Z. A. Bhutto with the launch of General Zia. May Allah bless his soul and may Allah guide all the rulers/politicians of Pakistan - Ameen.

- S Roman Ahsan.

Imperfect World & Materialism


We have an imperfect world. There is so much to be done. Everybody is basically selfish and looking for "money" only. An average young man's aim is not to show excellence in his professional field when he gets a job in future but only to earn as much money as he can so he can "selfishly" enjoy the comforts of life without any goal to contribute to the society or the world. An average young girl (even if she lives in a very backward city), just wants to marry a rich guy because she is materialistic so that she can "selfishly" enjoy the comforts of life. Welcome to Materialism!

- Roman Ahsan.

Bones, Calcium & Vitamin-D

ہڈیاں مضبوط کرنے والی غذائیں

انسانی جسم کی بہترین نشوونما کے لئے ہڈیوں کی مضبوطی نہایت ضروری ہے، اور ہڈیوں کی مضبوطی کے لئے جسم کو کیلشیم اور وٹامن ڈی کی ضرورت ہوتی ہے۔ یہاں ہم آپ کو ایسی غذاﺅں کے بارے میں بتائیں گے، جو وٹامن ڈی اور کیلشیم سے بھرپور ہونے کی وجہ سے ہڈیوں کو مضبوط بنا سکتی ہیں۔

بیشتر لوگ سورج کی روشنی سے وٹامن ڈی حاصل کرتے ہیں لیکن ایسی غذائیں بھی موجود ہیں، جن میں یہ وٹامن کثیر تعداد میں پایا جاتا ہے، جیسے کہ دہی۔ ایک کپ دہی میں 30فیصد کیلشیم اور 20فیصد وٹامن ڈی ہوتا ہے، جو سارے دن کی جسمانی ضرورت کو پورا کر دیتا ہے۔


کیلشیم اور وٹامن ڈی سے بھرپور دودھ کو ایک مکمل غذا کہا جاتا ہے۔ 8اونس دودھ میں 30فیصد کیلشیم اور ڈھیر سارا وٹامن ڈی ہوتا ہے، جو ہڈیوں کی مضبوطی کے لئے نہایت نفع بخش ہے۔


پنیر کیلشیم سے بھرپور ہوتی ہے لیکن اس کا یہ مطلب نہیں کہ آپ اسے ایک حد سے زیادہ استعمال کریں، کیوں کہ کسی بھی چیز کا حد سے زیادہ استعمال اس کے نقصان کا موجب بن سکتا ہے۔ ڈیڑھ اونس پنیر میں 30فیصد سے زائد کیلشیم ہوتا ہے، جو ایک روز کے لئے کافی ہے۔


مچھلی میں حیران کن طور پر وٹامن ڈی اور کیلشیم کی کثیر مقدار موجود ہوتی ہے۔


اگرچہ ایک انڈے میں صرف 6فیصد وٹامن ڈی ہوتا ہے لیکن یہ وٹامن کے حصول کا نہایت آسان ذریعہ ہے، دوسرا انڈے کی زردی وٹامن ڈی سے بھرپور ہوتی ہے۔


اپنی روز مرہ کی خوراک میں ایک دن پالک کے استعمال کو بھی یقینی بنائیں کیوں کہ اس میں نہ صرف 25فیصد کیلشیم ہوتا ہے بلکہ یہ فائبر، آئرن اور وٹامن اے سے بھی بھرپور ہوتا ہے۔

مالٹے کا جوس:

مالٹے کے تازہ جوس میں براہ راست کیلشیم یا وٹامن ڈی تو نہیں ہوتا لیکن یہ ان اجزا کے حصول کو آسان بنا دیتا ہے۔ متعدد تحقیقات یہ ثابت کر چکی ہیں کہ مالٹے کے جوس میں موجود اسکوربک نامی ایسڈ جسم میں کیلیشم کو جذب کرنے کی صلاحیت بڑھا دیتا ہے۔

NOTE: Please consult a nutrition expert also.


Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Talks or War with Taliban Part 1 - by Brigadier Asif Haroon Raja


Talks or War with Taliban Part 1

by Brigadier Asif Haroon Raja

Authenticity of 9/11 Terrorist Attacks. It has so far not been established whether 9/11 episode was real or engineered and whether Osama bin Laden was behind it.

Terrorism Confined to Muslims Only. George W. Bush led neo-cons most immoral act after 9/11 was to attribute terrorism to Muslims only. Global war on terrorism was hence confined to Muslim world only while the non-Muslim world was given a clean chit. Even the freedom movements legitimized by the UN were dubbed as terrorism. Above all, biased laws on terrorism were framed but terrorism was not defined.

After 9/11, while the US declared al-Qaeda and Afghan Taliban as terrorists because of their suspected role in terrorist attacks, Pakistan not only ditched Taliban and aligned itself with USA; it changed the status of tribesmen of FATA from defenders of western border and strategic assets into terrorists and started gunning them.

Loyal tribesmen turned hostile and picked up arms against the State in reaction to induction of Army in SW, Pakistan’s alignment with USA and handing over of al-Qaeda and Taliban operatives to US for reward money.

Militancy gathered pace after the drone attack on a religious seminary in Bajaur in October 2006 killing 80 students. It activated militants under Maulvi Faqir Muhammad in Bajaur.

READ FULL ARTICLE (it's a comprehensive article but the writer needs to educate himself about the significance of Islamic Caliphate for Muslims):

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Honeydew melon & wonderful benefits

Honeydew melon (‘Garma’ as in Urdu – Check meaning for ‘Kharbooza’ also)

Honeydew melon is a hydrating fruit that has wonderful nutritional and healing benefits. Honeydew is high in vitamins C and B-complex and minerals such as copper and silicon. It also contains a highly mineralized distilled water that has the ability to deeply hydrate, rejuvenate, purify, and alkalinize the entire body. Honeydew is an excellent food to help boost the immune system and help to protect against colds and flu during the winter months. It is also known to help lower blood pressure, strengthen memory and cognitive abilities, aid in weight loss, provide quick repair for muscles and tissues, increase flexibility, reduce risk of heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease, and prevent age-related macular eye degeneration. Honeydew is a perfect food for humans in that it requires no digestion in the stomach and passes quickly through the stomach and into the small intestines for digestion and assimilation. This however can only happen if the melon is eaten on an empty stomach which it is why it is highly recommended that melons are eaten alone for breakfast for the ultimate benefits. Ripe honeydew can be scooped into a blender and blended on high for a minute for a delicious and hydrating drink. This drink can also be placed in popsicle holders and frozen for a kid friendly treat. Ripe honeydews often emit a sweet floral perfume and yield gently to pressure. The rind of a perfectly ripe honeydew will also start to change in color to a light yellow. This ensures maximum sweetness, flavor, and nutritional benefits.

– Content above is from the Facebook page “Medical Medium” and has been posted here only in an attempt to promote this page:


Anthony William, Medical Medium has devoted his life to helping people heal and overcome illness. Accurate Readings for Individuals Seeking an In-Depth Understanding of their Body & Health.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Monday Insights - Jun 02, 2014


1.   Thirty (30) muftis of the SIC issued this statement following the murder of a 25-year-old woman, Farzana, in Lahore who was stoned to death. Murder in the name of honour is ‘haraam’ and there is no permission in Islam ‘for such a callous offence’, according to members of the Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC).

2.   It needs to be repeatedly stressed that the war against terrorism has compounded the problem of extremism in the country and the army had been pushed to fight in North Waziristan on US directives.

3.   Up to 80,000 Palestinians in East Jerusalem in East Jerusalem have spent three months without running water, despite petitions and calls from human rights bodies after an Israeli water utility company stopped supplies in March.