Wednesday, 21 May 2014

"Banning GEO" - by Roman Ahsan

“Is banning GEO ethical?”
– by S Roman Ahsan (May 21, 2014)


GEO TV is the voice of the average street person of Pakistan. Is it? Maybe it is because the channel’s programs are done in ‘bhaand’ style just like the two humor cracking uninvited men who used to get inside wedding venues of Pakistan 30-40 years ago. In one of my emails, I shared a video of a program done on GEO TV with Hassan Nisar. The video site was dailymotion and the video was shared on Facebook basically which caught my attention. Otherwise, I had stopped watching GEO TV some years ago. Considering that a meeting was held in PEMRA recently about the prospects of a ban on GEO network, we strongly support that GEO TV should either be banned OR the authorities concerned should seriously pay attention and improve the quality of their programs as they are destroying ‘any’ good virtues in the nation.

Let’s start with Amir Liaquat. GEO TV has been presenting that man as an Islamic role model who a couple of years back staged one of the episodes of his program “Alim online” in the middle of a graveyard at night with search lights on and his audience sitting all around the graves. That was very much against the sanctity of graveyard. Last year in Ramadan, he gifted babies to couples in a program as well on the same channel. Let’s not discuss his leaked video as it would be more meaningful to talk about cases where we are 100% sure. His conversion from “Alim online” to “Inaam Ghar” where he performed very stupid gestures was very shameful considering he has mostly tried to present an Islamic image all along on GEO TV. We should not be always critical but by doing so, he harms the image of Islam in the minds of a common Pakistani, especially youth. And in any case, it is not just the producers of the programs but the authorities of GEO TV who are responsible as well.

Pakistan Television (PTV) always followed a code of conduct and one of its policies was to never show killings of people in real life in their news bulletins. GEO TV broke all records. In 2010, an ugly incident took place in Sialkot. Two boys, both brothers were killed very mercilessly openly while public watched. GEO TV showed the actual scene of killing repeatedly on screen thus spreading chaos and panic in the society. I stopped watching GEO TV then though I was never a keen viewer of the channel before as well. In later years, I watched the channel only while changing channels but never on regular basis.
Though other TV channels also need to improve but again blaming ISI chief for an assault on journalist Hamid Mir without any concrete evidence is an extremely irresponsible act especially since the picture of ISI chief was directly shown on GEO TV linking him with the attack.

What about giving coverage to Indian programs (celebrity shows, songs etc.)? Let’s forget it. Our nation does not bother about such issues. We are more Hindus than Muslims and we should sing songs of peace while gangsters molest our sisters in Kashmir (even if in the past). It is an undoubted truth that GEO has been giving ‘excessive’ coverage’ to Indian shows compared to other channels. We do want peace with India but a program like ‘Aman ki Asha’ did not measure up with our eastern ethics.

I have not seen many programs on the said channel otherwise I would do more commentary. But suffice to say, the account above conveys ample concerns about the level and quality of GEO TV. The other channels are also not adhering properly to many ethical concerns it is admitted, but if we honestly analyze, GEO TV network has collectively done more harm to nation due to conforming to cheap tactics and derogatory practices to entice the average Pakistani viewer.
In the end I would like to add here that in 2012 I was asked by someone whether I was interested in working in the magazine section of THE NEWS. I refused to submit my CV because of the overall policy and trend of JANG GROUP in the previous years. The job would have been to my liking depending on my final selection since I had previous experience in a magazine section of an English Daily. But I was already disgusted by the trends of the media group!! 


"Innocence & Youth"

This picture takes one to a world of innocence, childhood, fairy-tales and promises of a perfect life. The children shown here sitting on the ground below a beautiful tree perhaps cannot value what they have. Childhood itself is a phase of life which could be very colorful for many but mostly taken for granted. Its value can only be measured when one grows mature enough and starts facing the challenges of life. The ideals of life are shattered as we grow up and have to confront the evil in this world while becoming more and more independent. Let these little ones enjoy their time unaware of what is in store for them when they enter the phase of life as responsible beings. It would be a test for them whether they carry the beauty around in their heart with passing years or would they conform more to the evil prevalent in their environments.
- by S Roman Ahsan.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Comemmorating Rajab 13 - Assadullah (Sher-e-Khuda)

Comemmorating Rajab 13 - Date of birth of Assadullah (Sher-e-Khuda):


Today, Rajab 13, is the date of birth of Hadhrat Ali (RA), the first cousin of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) as well as his son-in-law and the fourth Caliph of Islam. He was given the title of "Asadullah" (lion of Allah) by the Prophet (pbuh) for his bravery and feats in defensive battles against the oppressors. He was the first one amongst the minors to embrace the message of Islam when the Prophet (pbuh) started his mission. Some of his followers wrongly elevate him to a higher status thus committing "Shirk" (associating partners with Allah) on subconscious level. 

This does not mean we are hinting at any sect in Islam because true Islam is scattered and "Shirk" is being committed in different ways by Muslims of different schools of thoughts, Astaghfirullah, which is the biggest sin not forgivable by Almighty Allah. Hence, Muslims need to be very careful since eventually all Muslims will be pardoned and taken out of hell (though the thought of punishment in hell should make us shiver) except those who committed "Shirk" in this world and did not repent afterwards!

There is only one true Islam which we need to discover but perhaps only with the advent of Imam Mahdi (ra) and Prophet Isa (as) will that be revealed to us. Till then, we need to at least observe the main commandments of Islam and try to spend some time on discovering its lost lessons while staying united at all fronts. Let's succumb to the dream of United Ummah of Islam !!

May Allah open my heart as well as yours so that we can grasp the true message of Islam - Aameen - Allahu Akbar !!

- by S Roman Ahsan.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Sheikh Nazim passes away !! (May 07, 2014)

Sheikh Nazim passes away !!

Influential Turkish Cypriot Islamic scholar Shaykh Nazım al-Haqqani died May 7 after being hospitalized for lung and kidney failure last month. (Source: inna lilla-hey-wa-inna-alaihay-rajayoon - He was born on April 23, 1922, a Turkish Cypriot Sufi, leader of the Naqshbandi-Haqqani. Shaykh Nazım became an influential figure throughout the 1950s and 1960s in Turkey, known for his active opposition to the ban on the ezan (call to prayer) being recited in Arabic. Shaykh Nazım has many followers in Turkey, but also in Europe and particularly in Britain and Germany. Born in Larnaca, on the southern coast of Cyprus, Shaykh Nazım spoke Greek fluently. He was the disciple of Damascus-based Sheikh Abdullah Deghestani, who himself had many followers in the Middle East.

- Read an article written in 1990 which contains his views on the coming of Al-Mahdi (ra), Anti-Christ and Prophet Jesus (as) which he definitely believes in. An interesting insight is that he also believed that all technology will cease to exist in the time of descent of Prophet Jesus or Isa (as), a little detail of which is given in this article. Of course, Allah knows best but spirituality is always rated much higher than technology, the fruits of which will be revealed in the forty years of Golden Age (The objective of sharing this is not to discourage our pursuits of technology, though a little balance is desired in all spheres of iife)...


Monday, 5 May 2014

EYE-OPENING VIDEO: Killings of Innocent civilians by US in Afghanistan

EYE-OPENING VIDEO: Killings of Innocent civilians by US in Afghanistan: (No need to sign into Facebook)

While Pakistanis have been divided over their stance towards Afghan Taliban after 9/11, the US “Peacekeepers” in Afghanistan have been busy bombing innocent civilians. This is all the more tragic since some groups of Afghans do not pay attention to the harm they are doing with their words abroad. The country Afghanistan had a very liberal outlook till the 1960s and many Pakistanis still talk about that. Pictures of that era have been circulated through emails in a bid to condemn the Afghan Taliban. The important thing to note here is that even if we do not support the rigid interpretation of Islam by the Afghan Taliban (mostly because they are/were not very educated and also because we have been fooled by a global propaganda started against them by the imperialistic forces, to justify an attack on the country in order to extend their military bases across the world), we should also remember that taking sides of the oppressors is equivalent to committing oppression. Hence, as Muslims we should try to bring in justice and fair-play...

[Read the article to understand the picture better “Covert forces at play behind terrorism” - ]