Thursday, 31 October 2013

"A Prayer" - by Faiez Seyal

(By Faiez Seyal)

The ‘Prayer’ below was available in the form of a poster making me purchase it in the year 2000 as I was greatly inspired by the message. Mr. Faiez Seyal owns VERITA and ACEONE groups (Lahore, Pakistan) which regularly conduct workshops for teaching life & career skills on a variety of topics. Perhaps amongst you or out there is a person who can take up the vision below or we should wait for his “arrival”…

(By Faiez Seyal)

Oh my Creator; Give me courage to be an instrument of peace for my fellow-men by changing their:

Doubt with Faith;
Despair with Hope;
Confusion with Clarity;
Purposelessness with Vision;
Sadness with Happiness;
Misconceptions with Truth;
Hunger with Food;
Disease with Health;
Hurt with Pardon;
Regrets with Content;
Fear with Courage;
Insult with Respect;
Hatred with Love;
Darkness with Light;
Blames with Self-responsibility;
Self-pity with Self-acceptability;
Snatching with Service;
Cures with Blessings;
Anger with Forgiveness;
Selfishness with Selflessness;
Control with Self-control;
Worries with Satisfaction;
Leisure with Labor;
Criticism with Appreciation;
False ego with Self-respect;
Taking with Giving;
Injustice with Justice;
Emptiness with Fulfillment;
Ignorance with Knowledge;
Reputation with Character;
Thanklessness with Gratitude;
Loneliness with Meditations;
Frustrations with Prayers!

Oh, my Lord, choose me to be a “Peace Maker” and grant me everything it takes to make the difference in the lives of people. For it is in giving that we receive; it is in forgiving that we are forgiven; and it is in dying that we live forever!

Monday, 28 October 2013

Ronald tells Roman about Halloween

Ronald tells Roman about Halloween “Craziness” – October 29, 2013:
The “Storyteller” brings a new story for you not to entertain you or to scare you but only to cross-verify something. Since Internet sources are not considered reliable by many (even if some legwork is done to confirm the theories) here is a truth which comes directly from the Church!

Ronald tells Roman about Halloween “Craziness” – October 29, 2013:

Ronald Nuss Warren is a Teaching Elder at Presbyterian Church of Bridgeport Nebraska, USA. He is close to 60 years of age and I came to know him through the Facebook Group “GOD KNOWS” whose members are mature Americans, mostly above the age of 35-40. I will write down my experience of sharing insights on different topics (including Islam) and debates in the group sometime later but here would like to mention that we synchronized well. That was perhaps because of my conservative approach towards issues which matched some of his Christian views as well being a Teacher Elder at Church though I noticed that some other Americans also took interest in the posts as I was the only Pakistani and Muslim active in the group.

Then he also asked me to share some Qur’anic verses but clarified at the same time that he was not looking for a conversion to Islam. In particular he liked an article by me “Prayers – our strength” written in 2004 ( and asked a question or two. Since a few months we are “Friends” on Facebook.

Yesterday I sought a second-opinion from Ronald about Halloween by messaging him and he commented as below:

“About Halloween, this comes from pagan sources and modern commercialism. I haven't read Wikipedia and they most likely have mostly correct information. My training in Christian history as a pastor says the holiday began with ancient European paganism. In the 4th and 5th centuries Christianity absorbed much of European culture in order to convert the populace to Christianity. Most of the Christian festivals are connected to some pre-Christian tradition. The ancient church tried to make the days of Nov. 1 and 2 a time to remember those relatives and loved ones who had died and to remind themselves of the afterlife to be given to them. Because, like Judaism, the official day begins at sundown, the festival or observance begins the evening before. The original title is "All Saints' Hallowed Evening." It was shortened to "Halloween." Twentieth Century commercialism turned the holiday in the United States to a time of moneymaking. It is now the holiday in the US that costs the second-most, after Christmas. The ideas of ghosts and demons (and other strange beings) comes from pretty directly from British pre-Christian culture. Spanish culture has a quite different approach with the purpose of remembering ancestors much more central. In continental Europe, I believe the day was almost forgotten entirely until recent inroads of North American commercialism. That you ask about it makes me think that even other parts of the world are being convinced to spend money on the day. In the Christian church, most sects don't observe the date at all, because of the pagan connections. In the Roman Catholic, Anglican, and the older sects, the day (Nov. 1) is observed with prayers of thanksgiving for the witness of faith of those who have died. Halloween craziness is on the evening of Oct. 31. I hope this was not too confusing. Blessings to you and those you love. Ron”