Saturday, 31 October 2015

Election Politics & True Path --- !!


In the last meeting between Late Dr. Israr Ahmad and Late Qazi Hussain Ahmad, Late Dr. Israr ahmad gave his last advice to Qazi Hussain Ahmad who was then Ameer of Jamat-e-Islami to give up election politics. The main leadership of Jamat-e-Islami was also present.

Apart from him, many other scholars also condemn election politics.

The current electoral political system in Pakistan will yield no positive result for the overall betterment of the country, especially when the literacy rate is very low. How can these people have the sense to elect good leaders?

Votes are earned by doing small favours to poor masses or by treating them to a meal or by even providing them pick & drop service to the polling stations. Also, the main concern is that sovereignty lies with ALLAH but in democracy the majority decides what is good for you. And then we know also that majority does not subscribe to the ultimate truth. Let’s hope one day we realize this and fight the system.

 [Late Dr. Israr's efforts in awakening Islam and for creating awareness to launch Islamic ruling system are laudable though we don't subscribe fully to his Islamic school of thought]nd invited poor children, it was very inspirational. But not this divorce after a short wedding span of 10 months. We should think rationally instead of blind following of PTI and IK. Fans of both persons should better wake up now! 

- S Roman Ahsan.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Sad Ending


Celebrities and political leaders have no personal life but we still need to avoid useless gossip. On the other hand, we have the chance to learn from different situations.

Ten months is a very short time and marriages don't end so quickly even for Hollywood actors. Very bad both of them! They should have stayed together for much longer. Marriages based on attraction for looks, power or wealth normally fail so quickly, not when two people come together sensibly looking for long commitment in life.

People generally follow role-models they have formed in their minds. The couple has set wrong trends for the society, sorry to say. We are not happy, rather very disappointed by this sad occurrence. When IK held a humble ceremony instead of a lavish wedding function, and invited poor children, it was very inspirational. But not this divorce after a short wedding span of 10 months. We should think rationally instead of blind following of PTI and IK. Fans of both persons should better wake up now! 

- S Roman Ahsan.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Who is judging?


A neurologist, Dr. Rizwan (in turban and beard) treating my mother's case in Sheikh Zayed Hospital (Lahore, Pakistan) about ten days ago. My mother had acute symptoms and he was one of the specialists treating her. When he visited our room for check-up on first day, my elder sister said he looks like a Taliban and should dress up in normal attire. I told her that this is a Sunnah dressing way and she should avoid saying those words as she would be unintentionally mocking the Sunnah that way. She got angry at me instead. 

However, later on, the Surgeon who was supervising her case said to us that Dr. Rizwan (the neurologist) was the key specialist in relieving my mother of her ailment (other specialists were also treating her case, including a nephrologist, a cardiologist and others). So be careful if you "judge" people by their appearances of which you have little knowledge - This is not the get-up of Taliban but a Sunnah. And Taliban or any other Muslim who keeps a beard or wears a turban can be a very good human being and a good Muslim, so don't be negative about their attires. And learn more about Sunnah. 

Afghan Taliban (especially those present in Afghanistan around 9/11) were True Muslims and very good human beings. I hope you don't confuse them with TTP (Pak Taliban)

- S Roman Ahsan.

Trusting God


Saturday, 24 October 2015

A Sunni's Muharram lamentation

A Sunni's Muharram lamentation


Nice article though we are neither Sunni nor Shia, rather plain Muslims who need to unite. We should at least commemorate the sacrifices by Hadhrat Imam Hussain (ra) and his family at Karbala as it was a great tragedy - But can we avoid mourning by self-torture?

Monday, 12 October 2015

VIDEO: Palestinian boy killing



A 14 years old shot by Israeli soldiers and the settler filming yells "Die, you son of a bitch"
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PS. The kid is dead! 



Friday, 2 October 2015

VIDEO: Little Palestinian girl speaks

VIDEO: Little Palestinian girl speaks

A little palestinian girl warns the Israeli Jews
اس بچی نے تمام امت مسلمہ کے دل کی بات کہہ دی ہے


Qaafla Nikal Na Jai

کہیں قافلہ نکل نہ جائے !!
آخری زمانہ میں اِسلام کے نشاطِ ثانی کی جو شاندار تقدیر مسلمانوں کیلئے لکھ دی گئی ہے، اُسے پسِ پُشت ڈالنا صرف اِیک بےوقوف کا کام ہے۔ اور اس کا مطلب ہے کہ اُس مسلمان نے اس شاندار مستقبل کیلئے کوئی تیاری نہیں کی۔ اَفسوسناک بات یہ ہے کہ آجکل بہت سے مسلمان ایسے ہیں جو دُنیاوی طور پر تو بہت کامیاب ہیں یا مغرب زدہ ہیں لیکن وہ اَپنے نبی صلی اللہ علیہ وَآلِہ وسلم کی دی گئی بشارتوں سے ناآشنا ہیں۔
اَپنے آپ کو تیار رکھیں، دیکھیں کہیں قافلہ نکل نہ جائے !!!
اَز - سید رومان اِحسان

Democracy and Islam - by Wasif Ali Wasif (ra)

اسلامی ریاست میں جمہوریت - حضرت واصف علی واصف (رح) کے سنہرے الفاظ 

کیا ایک اسلامی ریاست میں جمہوریت کا نفاذ ممکن ہے؟ اگر نہیں تو حل کیا ہے؟ حضرت واصف علی واصف (رح) کے سنہرے ترین الفاظ جو ہر پاکستانی کو پڑھنے چاہئیں.

Is the implementation of democracy possible in an Islamic country or state? If not, then what is the solution? Hadhrat Wasif Ali Wasif (ra)'s golden words which every Pakistan should read. Click to enlarge image or download

Thursday, 1 October 2015

"Ameer Hamza key daastaan" “اَمیر حمزہ کی داستان“

“اَمیر حمزہ کی داستان“

I was reading the Urdu novel series "Ameer Hamza key daastaan" in 1984 which is divided into 10 novels by Ferozesons and I fell in love with the character of Ameer Hamza, even though I am also male. But that love was more on the basis of admiration for the character's heroism and grace. We should give this series of novels to our children also. A few years back, I gifted this series separately to two of my nephews.

١٩٨٤  یعنی سَن اُنیس سو چوراسی میں مَیں نے فیروزسنز کی شائع کردہ دَس ناولوں کا سیٹ “اَمیر حمزہ کی داستان“ پڑھی۔ اَمیر حمزہ کا کردار اََتنا دلیر اور متاثر کُن تھا کہ زہن سے نکالنا مشکل ہے۔ بچوں کو بھی اِس طرح کے ناول متعارف کروانے چاہئیں۔ میں نے خود کچھ سال پہلے یہ ناولوں کی سیریز اَپنے دو بھانجوں کو تحفہ میں دیں۔

- S Roman Ahsan

Your keyboard and you


A keyboard contains germs many times more than on a toilet seat according to a research. This is due to the reason that you touch many things with your fingers in a day which infect the keys with germs when you use it. Also, few people cover the keyboard after finishing work or clean it on regular intervals. Hence, while tapping your fingers away at the keyboard, always make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly if you are about to have food or even a light snack. The germs are neither secular nor religious, they are out to get you. However, the lesson of Islam "Cleanliness is half faith" as per hadith does motivate us not only in this case but in every respect. So 1- If you are using the keyboard, always wash your hands before you eat 2- Cover your keyboard after use, and 3- Have your keyboard cleaned at regular intervals.

- S Roman Ahsan.

A view of college

View of College 

Beautiful view of Government College (University), Lahore - My college