Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Similarities between Linkedin and Facebook


An Internet user cannot live without Facebook in these times. Likewise, professionals worldwide have to make their profiles on Linkedin to survive the challenges of the modern competitive world. Let's check what is common between and

1. Both serve the ideals of a global village
2. You can add contacts on both
3. You can post thoughts/articles/images/videos on both
4. All posts on both have "LIKE", "COMMENT" and "SHARE" options
5. Both offer notifications to the user
6. You can BLOCK a person on both
7. Both can be used to promote your business
8. Both are used for networking

So why do some people say on Linkedin "This is not Facebook"? :) Yes, but still we need to observe some limits on Linkedin if our aim is to succeed in life. Just like our personal and professional lives should not mix, we need to try to keep Linkedin strictly professional, career-oriented and motivational.

- S Roman Ahsan,

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