Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Love everyone. But never sell your sword.

Love everyone. But never sell your sword

Love everyone. But never sell your sword. Paulo Coelho
Warriors are meant to walk in peace and love in a world which doesn't understand either of those concepts. But walking in peace and love does not mean that we were meant to be a door mat. Walk in love, but never lose your edge. Refuse to be treated badly.

When true warriors fight, they fight to defend what they love, not to destroy what they hate. Now, these two may overlap, and in fact, they often do overlap.

If you are attacked on the street, and you totally dismantle your attacker, that doesn't mean that you hate the guy, but that you respect your own life enough to defend it.

On the other hand, if some terrorists is about to open fire in a shopping mall, and you are there with your family, you are certainly both defending what you love and destroying what you hate. I personally despise terrorists and will take any chance that I get to destroy them and their agenda. At the same time, I will defend those I love against any attack.

Walk in love and peace, but always be ready to unsheathe your sword, should the circumstances demand that you do so. And make sure that you keep your sword sharp. If you need to use it and it is dull and rusty, it will do you little good. Never allow your martial arts skills to become rusty!

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