Monday, 27 March 2017

No Lasting Beauty


Who among us is not attracted to a beautiful face? That is why celebrities have always cast a magic spell on us with their style and charisma ever since our childhood. Do we not remember the very handsome Roger Moore who played the part of James Bond in the 1970s and 1980s apart from the leading role in popular TV program series like 'The Saint', 'The Persuaders' and many Hollywood movies? But he could not defeat the tides of time and look what old age has transformed him into!

So this life is very temporary and unfair in spite of its many attractions and that is why the concept of afterlife has its significance where those who do good in this world will be given eternal youth and beauty along with infinite rewards and kingdoms!

We are here in this world to live an active life also but what could be better than if it is in submission to the commandments of Allah and His Prophet (pbuh)? However, there is a difference between actually living such a life and thinking we are living it. Unless there is an effort involved along with sacrifice, we cannot claim we are treading on the forgotten trail that leads to salvation in the hereafter!

Living such a life is a challenge today indeed as the environments everywhere are mostly alien and devoid of spirituality. Still, it is not impossible. 

It is not being advised to leave any place just because the environment is not right. Thankfully in Pakistan, even the most liberal and progressive organizations and educational institutions have mosques or praying corners. At least one has no alibi here and can visit those spots to offer prayers at the right times to revive faith.

Secondly, fulfilling duties at workplaces with ethical commitment is also a much appreciated deed in Islam. Unfortunately, the job description in some organizations today, do not cater to the permissible means of earning in Islam. Thus, if the everlasting afterlife matters to us, then we need to keep ourselves aware about the permissible (halaal) sources of earning and vice versa. Seeking help of conventional scholars and Islamic institutions will help us here while we need to be cautious about the so-called progressive scholars funded by the West whose job is to associate Islam with terrorism and who are always trying to challenge the conventional teachings of Islam.

Beauty does not last long in this world and neither do we. Let's not forget to prepare for the infinite afterlife while we pursue our temporary passions. Are we ready to forego our current ideals and redefine who we are?

Our Creator, Almighty Allah (swt) is giving us time. Let's make good use of it!

- by S Roman Ahsan.

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