Tuesday, 1 August 2017

What is meant by education or literacy?


What is meany by education or literacy? To understand this question first we will elucidate what illiteracy or ignorance actually means.

For example, if someone draws a neutral and constructive analysis or criticism which goes against PTI or Imran Khan in THE OPEN FORUM and then PTI followers at once pick up daggers, guns and ballistic missiles against the writer with offensive name-calling like PATWARI, ZAHNI-GHULAM or JAAHIL without really paying attention to the substance of the post and when the writer of post is not even supporter of PML(N), then this is exactly what illiteracy or ignorance means!

Education or literacy is obviously the opposite of all this ignorance. 

In 2011, I was visiting my brother in Dubai and sensing my big support for PTI (including my email campaign) he said to me jokingly "OK, so you are waiting for a ticket from PTI." Of course both of us knew that my interest was never in politics. Now six years later, I am hugely disappointed by IK (especially since 2016) and no longer support him. His popularity has increased but then we also know that most people get carried away by celebrity-image and glamour of personalities. I heavily supported IK during his dharnas also in 2014 but his quick divorce in 2016 after 10 months and destructive politics have not really lent him much credibility as a man of substance.

Our fight against ignorance has to continue at all costs and in all forums so that we are able to create the REAL PAKISTAN AS DREAMED BY ALLAMA IQBAL (ra).

- S Roman Ahsan (Seeker of truth and supporter of no political party in the current electoral-political system)

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