Monday, 11 April 2016

Difference between "Burqa" and "Abaya"


There is a difference between "Burqa" and "Abaya". An "Abaya" is more stylish and generally worn mostly by educated ladies. However, being stylish is not the purpose of wearing Abaya by a Muslim girl or woman. She just wants to adhere to principles of modesty while wearing a dress. An Abaya usually comes in a single colour, mostly black. A multi-colour dress for a woman does not fulfill the conditions of Islam as it can attract the attention of men.

Many people complain that modesty does not lie in dressing but in our attitudes. It is true that a man would still ogle a woman even if she is dressed in a modest dress but the chances of that are minimzed compared to the case where women are provocatively dressed.

In any case, men should control their gaze as per Qur'an and avoid flirting or treating women as if they are some kinds of objects sent to this world to solely please them. They have their identiy and their prestige, and men should respect all that.

To practice Islam is not impossible but still tough. However, if we want some rewards in an everlasting life, then efforts in this brief temporary life amount to very little. May ALLAH guide all of us and save us from hellfire - Aameen.

Written by - S Roman Ahsan.

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