Saturday, 23 April 2016

Visit to Data Darbar - Thursday, April 21, 2016

Yesterday, a sinner like me decided to go to the shrine of Hadhat Syed Ali Hajveri (ra) as it was Thursday. I went to darbar first time in 2012. A buzurg guided me that we should not go there with the intention of asking something from the saint who is resting there but we can go there, pray directly to ALLAH, read Surah-e-Yasin and afterwards pray to ALLAH for the higher ranks of the saint and also any general dua about ourselves or anything we want to seek from ALLAH.

I got late yesterday, so reached there just before Maghrib Salah. I was on motor-bike as it is easier to commute there and had performed ablution (wuzzoo) before leaving home. Once I reached there, I joined in time for Maghrib Salah. The floors there are always clean and shining. After Maghrib Salah, I went near the shrine and picked a copy of Surah-e-Yasin. There were many other people already reciting the same Surah near the "netted section" (jaali). Many others were sitting and standing around doing Zikr. I stood near the "jaali" and recited the Surah. Afterwards offered supplication to ALLAH for the higher ranks of Hadhrat Syed Ali Hajveri (ra) and other duas for myself, country and Muslim world.

Then I sat down and recited durood for some time. When I came back, I was pleasantly surprised to know that it was Rajab 13 last evening when I went there. Rajab 13 is the date of birth of Hadhrat Ali (ra). Yesterday it was also 21st April, the death anniversary of Allama Iqbal (ra).

Going to shrines is fine but one should not become obsessed with it. Our main focus should remain on fulfillling the obligatory acts in Islam (including regular Salah in masjid) and caring for people around us. There should not be any compromise on that. However, it is always a peaceful experience to visit the shrine of Hadhrat Syed Ali Hajveri (ra).

- by S Roman Ahsan.


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