Monday, 10 July 2017

(Politics) - Love and Affection


Just look at the love and affection on the faces of the two. So all that love and affection is lost now only because he is no more alive and no more a President? Of course, it is usual custom to show love and affection for the then President of the country and to not curse him on the face otherwise one would lose some worldly benefits, is that so?

Big shame on those who are always blaming late General Zia for honouring and supporting Nawaz Sharif, and making late General Zia responsible for launching the career of a corrupt leader. General Zia also honoured and supported many other individuals during his era but the wolves of Satan are always quick to highlight certain elements in order to defame a warrior of Islam who endeavored to strengthen the institutions of Islam (though he was not perfect and made some mistakes as well since nobody's perfect - Neither you, nor I).

- S Roman Ahsan.

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