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The Last Encounter - Prophet Jesus (pbuh) Vs. Dajjal

- The Last Encounter -

Prophet Isa / Jesus (pbuh) Vs. Anti-Christ (Dajjal) 


(Pls check Urdu image below followed by 'dua' for protection - both attached also)

Have you seen Hollywood Movies like "The Terminator", "The Matrix" and "The Lord of the Rings" (based on a epic high-fantasy novel written in stages between 1937 and 1949) etc.? They all carried a special theme. 

A certain level of strength and character was required to terminate the evil. A good guy with earthly qualities pitched against an evil force with powerful and sinister strength. In the end, the good forces triumph over the evil forces but with great difficulties and trials. We never know if the themes of these movies are taken from ancient scriptures including even Hadith literature. Especially, some of the sequences in the movie "The Lord of the rings" are in great contrast with the End times Islamic prophecies including "The Eye" (One-eye of Dajjal), "The Return of the King" (The return or descent of Prophet Jesus pbuh to kill Dajjal and then to rule the world for 40 years) and the struggle in general. 

If you read the Urdu text below, you will understand that the greatest of showdowns has to happen in real life in this world. Don't delude yourself and prepare well. Preparation should not be the way as shown in movies but according to our roots and heritage as a Muslim with a strong concern for afterlife. A word of caution that our desperate pursuits of liberalism and progressiveness might be depriving us of true faith in these times of free electronic-media, Internet and social media. 

We have to learn positive things from the advanced nations but be on guard against that which is contrary to our faith as well. Thus, we have to select the "conservative mode" and apply it to our lives as much as we can while striving to hold firmly onto True Islam in all spheres even if we can never be perfect!

Abundance leads to complacency in most cases. Generally, a Muslim blessed with worldly comforts might have little desire to turn towards Almighty Allah in the true sense. It is because the possessions and luxurious lifestyle would make him/her lazy in terms of devotion to God. He/she would be rather pursuing mainstream lifestyles, interests and hobbies that would make him/her socially acceptable without drawing a line where needed. 

That is why our beautiful religion Islam teaches us to lead a simple lifestyle even if we are blessed in worldly sense. A true Muslim in these times would have to sacrifice a few or many things to gain pleasure of Allah. There is a price for everything in this world so how could one assume to achieve true faith without paying any price? 

Wherever we live or wherever we study or work, we need to keep our hearts alive with the message of Almighty Allah. Only then we can hope for salvation in the hereafter (there are exceptions when big sinners could be forgiven by God on Judgement Day - but that is only for Him to decide and we cannot take chances with afterlife which will last forever and forever)!!

- S Roman Ahsan.


For protection against Anti-Christ (Dajjal) - Recite this dua before "Rabbijalni...." in every prayer (Salah) in Tashshud - Then we should recite Surah Al-Kahf also without fail on every Jumm'ah (after Maghrib Thursday and before Maghrib Friday) and also memorize first 10 Verses of Surah Al-Kahf (at other places it is written about the last 10 verses of same Surah, so some Muslims memorize the first 10 as well as the last 10 verses)

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