Thursday, 1 September 2016

David Icke on ‘World Control’

David Icke on ‘World Control’

Too many of us are groping in the dark, looking for solutions to all the chaos this world is facing. Yet the bigger picture is often overlooked or we seem to close our eyes on it since we are afraid of acknowledging it due to our fears.

David Icke is an English writer and an inspirational public speaker (previously worked as a footballer and sports broadcaster) who has been presenting theories with a different view since the 1990s as opposed to the mainstream thought. Due to his stance, he has naturally been labeled as a ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ which is the norm in today’s world where values are continuously declining in all spheres.

Given below is a post by David Icke on World Control which summarizes the problem we are facing as inhabitants of this planet. However, we might have to search for our own roots as well on ‘how to fight’ the problem as we have our own unique identity as Muslims:

-      -  S Roman Ahsan.

“When we give our minds and our responsibility away, we give our lives away. If enough of us do it, we give the world away and that is precisely what we have been doing throughout human history. This is why the few have always controlled the masses. The only difference today is that the few are manipulating the entire planet because of the globalization of business, banking and communications. The foundation of that control has always been the same: keep the people in ignorance, fear and at war with themselves. Divide, rule and conquer while keeping the most important knowledge to yourself (meaning themselves).” – David Icke

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