Sunday, 4 September 2016


– Sunday, September 04, 2016

A few posts and videos from Facebook and local newspapers are given here. Please read all the titles before you click on the links:

1-   VIDEO - Norway Is The First Country To Ban Deforestation!

2-   VIDEO - A Refreshing Video About A New And More Effective Way Of Collecting Honey – Technology At Its Best

The Flow Hive allows beekeepers to access honey without taking bees out of their hive. It is interesting to read the comments posted against this video also:

3-   REPORT: A report on the importance of water conservation in Pakistan:

4-   Thanks at last - Indian TV shows to be limited on Pakistan TV - and why not? Good decision by PEMRA

"Pakistani TV channels can air Indian content with less than 6% of total air time. Any additional airtime for Indian or foreign content on local TV channels will result in legal action from PEMRA," Chairman PEMRA says.

5-   ONE MORE FOR THE ROAD – Nawaz lays foundation stone of 16.5 KM long Lahore Eastern Bypass – Read:

Do you think Nawaz and Co. focus more on infrastructure (and especially in Punjab) and ignore other development measures?
6-   ANIMALS - Elephant Who Gives Rides All Day Can't Even Lie Down To Rest

7-   VIDEO - A little Palestinian girl shows her emotions about the atrocities of Israel

8-   VIDEO - Age doesn't slow you down - Catwalks, acting, sculptures are not the only things to explore but this man is amazing otherwise

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