Thursday, 29 September 2016

Raiwind March - Some Recommendations


LHC has allowed Raiwind March to be held on 30th September. Some recommendations in this connection:

1-   It is the right of any political party to hold a rally but everything should be conducted in a ‘mature’ manner without glamourizing anything.

2-   A political leader should not get carried away while describing anything against his opponent. He should strictly stick to facts and remain composed. Fairness is above all!

3-   A political leader should act like a political leader and not like the head of a music group in a concert.

4-   Loud music shows poor taste in such rallies. Especially rocking your head while standing on stage or container on the beat of such music if you are a political leader. Act sensible please and study how our Quaid used to address rallies !! 

5-   Ladies (women, girls) should not be allowed to participate in the rally after sunset. After all, the concerned political leader has talked many times about “Khulfa-e-Rashideen” or the early Caliphs of Islam in his speeches. He must know that a certain code of conduct is required in situations with regards to ladies in Islam.

6-   Also study about the right ruling system in Islam. Is Electoral-Political system of Democracy really that which is prescribed in Islam? After all, you claim to love Islam!

7-   Put trust in ALLAH Almighty and do the right thing. The aim should not be to attract people but to lead them to truth.

8-   Some of your efforts and measures taken are really good. But you need to further come out of your shell and re-affirm your faith in ALLAH. May peace prevail in Pakistan and the world - Aameen.

By: S Roman Ahsan.

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