Sunday, 18 December 2016

Nature intended normal relationships

Nature intended normal relationships

If a gay couple cannot produce a child on its own then how can some crazy people in this world scream about the "importance of other relationships such as gay parents"? Can we challenge nature when it did not intend to nurture such relationships? If such people cannot control certain trends by living together, the media in East should at least take responsibility by not projecting support for them. There's always a way out if right philosophies are promoted so that a man and a woman live in mutual love and harmony which is what nature intended in the first place. All other abnormal relationships should not be practiced openly and definitely not celebrated by the world through whatever media sources. Our Holy Qur'an also gives the story of an entire nation which was condemned and destroyed by God (Almighty Allah) because the inhabitants were engaged in such relationships without any regard for modesty & morality! 

We seem to forget the concept of "opposite-sex" and the objective of such relationships is the continuation of human race. All other relationships arose out of abnormalities in human life, just like drug-addicts, suicide tendencies etc. Some of the accepted norms in the West are considered very big evils in an Islamic society, especially those about which clear direction is given in Holy Qur'an, the word of Allah (God). Such abnormal relationships should not be advertised in our Islamic society. Only then we can control them from spreading out to others.

~ Syed Roman Ahsan.

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