Thursday, 17 March 2016

Women Protection Bill - Is It Lacking In Its Aims?


Don't be hasty in taking sides on the issue of the new women protection bill in Pakistan which has been approved recently. There are multiple facets to this issue which can't be ignored. Decent people (both men and women) in Pakistan do want safeguard of women who are likely to be oppressed in Pakistan in some households. In fact, education and grooming might not solely safeguard women anywhere in the world. It's the egoistic male mentality that wants to dominate and oppress women.

Religious elements are not only opposing this bill. Our main concern should be whether this bill will lead to more broken homes on the pretext of liberating women or will it strengthen the family structure in Pakistan? This is what we need to understand and explore.

Given below is a comment from Moeed Pirzada, a Pakistani media gentleman who wears dandy suits with ties and having served as a civil-servant also.

"This is precisely what 'Foreign funded NGO's' want to achieve! Man divorces wife for filing torture complaint."

The reaction above about NGO's is not based on one such event but the overall trends and inclinations in the Pakistani society.

- by S Roman Ahsan.

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