Thursday, 5 January 2017

Advice for youth (Chapter 1)

Act more and more also on what you preach. Don't spend too much time on Facebook. Gain more and more experience of everything in real life. Meet people, play healthy sports and games, help people, read good books and magazines/Digests, watch good and clean movies also but not too often, watch TV shows/discussions that build your knowledge (both worldly and religious), read Qur'an both with and without translation, respect your elders, be kind to children, girls learn recipes of popular dish items (both vegetables and meat), for young men go to mosque for regular prayers also, help the poor if you can in any way, learn new skills if you can, exercise regularly, try to verify crucial information on Internet from authentic sources before you share, say your prayers (Salah) 5 times a day and lastly always try to speak the truth.

- Syed Roman Ahsan

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