Friday, 13 January 2017


MISSING BLOGGERS - The Actual Story 

(Pls check video & article below)
(NOTE: This is a delicate issue but still needs to be addressed so that we know the truth)

Some bloggers in Pakistan went missing recently. It has not been established yet who apprehended them. However, the most alarming thing is that they were running a Facebook page 'Bhensa' with extremely inflammatory blasphemous content against Almighty Allah and our dear Prophet (pbuh).

These bloggers claimed to be human rights activists but the extremely offensive content on their Facebook page is very hurtful to the sentiments of the majority of Pakistanis who love Islam. The civil society members of Pakistan need to understand the difference between 'Freedom of Expression' and hate-speech against Islam's basic values before holding protests in favour of those Bloggers.
Sami Ibrahim & Sabir Shakir reveal the actual background story about the 'Bhensa' Bloggers:

Hues and cries for the wrongdoers - For those who are unaware of what BHENSA team was doing should read this article.


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