Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Difference between Eastern and Western Thought


There are many differences between Eastern and Western thought-process and beliefs. For example, in the West, many times they don't hesitate to show a picture of Adam (Hazrat Adam a.s.) and Eve (Hazrat Hawwa a,s,) without clothes (Astaghfirullah) in heaven. Muslims not only consider it high blasphemy but as per Islam we are against drawing any portrait of Holy figures even if it's just a face. And here lies the reason why Muslims with too much Westernized minds and devoid of Islamic concern cannot understand that blasphemy against our dear Prophet (pbuh) is a big sin and crime (though we still need to handle the cases against offenders with extra care and vigilance lest innocent people are punished or a mob carries out mass offense).

- S Roman Ahsan.

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