Sunday, 18 June 2017

Different Worlds Next


Every now and then, why do we hear about the need to go back in history to mend everything? Sir, this world has to close down when its 'tenure' is over. We have to look forward to different worlds next. Did you read about 80,000 boys like scattered pearls who will be at the service of one dweller of paradise? No work there, only entertainment. No suicide attacks there either and no one to snub us. And no ill feeling or negativity between any two individuals there.

The privilege of sighting the immense beauty of God (Almighty Allah) after intervals which will leave all the dwellers of paradise mesmerized. No excretion, just fragrant perspiration or a small 'burp' after which one will be ready to consume food or drink again. Forgetting KFC and McDonald's will be easy when there is endless variety of foods there. Every day, there will be an increase in the rewards by the Almighty. No worship acts there, not even a single prostration (sajda). Worshipping and living by Islam is only for this world to win the entry ticket for paradise. May we be eligible for it and escape the torment of the other world, hell - Aameen.

- by S Roman Ahsan.

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