Thursday, 14 May 2015

Killings of Ismailis in Karachi


Horrible way how the terrorists killed 45 persons from Ismaili sect in Karachi, Pakistan. No group in Pakistan has claimed responsibility for these killings so far. There is clear involvement of enemies of Pakistan, RAW, CIA and Mossad combined to destabilize Pakistan and to paint the picture of our country as being oppressive towards and unsafe for minorities. TTP is also one of their tools (though there are many groups in Pakistan's North). 

Our enemies are also not happy perhaps with the recent overall 34 Billion $ deal of China with Pakistan. Zimbabwe Cricket Team also cancelled its tour of Pakistan today, due to these recent killings. In 2009, there was attack on Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore in the main Liberty Chowk. 

It is naive to to blame "religious extremism" for these killings because if someone has even got the basics of religion, then he would know that killing of an innocent person would issue him only tickets to hell. Killing peaceful minority citizens serves the purpose of only external elements in order to label Pakistan as a very unstable dangerous country for investments. 

Human rights organizations, Media and NGOs need to be careful, and assess the situations wisely instead of beckoning to the call of international media. We need to fortify ourselves against both internal and external threats.

- S Roman Ahsan.

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