Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Meet The Drunkards In Pakistan Media

Nobody’s Perfect But Still There Are Limits – Meet The Drunkards In Pakistan Media:

- May 2015

Human beings come in all shapes and forms, and with many different inclinations. And we do understand that nobody’s perfect but still there are some limits which we are not supposed to cross!

Truth revolves around both positives and negatives. Meet the drunkards in Pakistan media, especially one man (HN - full name given at the end) whom we should not ignore. This man (HN) came on a Live talk show at night on a local TV channel a few years ago and started using extremely offensive and abusive language against a government official who was also invited to the same programme. It was very sad to see a senior media person (HN) use such language on a live programme but he was drunk actually, so he couldn’t help it. If government officials are corrupt, it still does not make us justified in uttering filthy language against them on public TV!

The same media person (HN) has been writing Urdu columns in mainstream newspapers since ages about the corruption scene of Pakistan. He carries very strong opinions against others but if he came live on a TV programme while in a drunk condition, then that was very necessary. Use of extremely abusive language has nothing to do with intolerance, you see. It is a sign of high intellect and caliber!

That is not all. In 2012, the man (HN) was invited to a ‘Iftar’ party at PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) along with other journalists. After an argument with another journalist who was sitting across the table to him, HN threw a plate at him which hit the poor fellow’s mouth and he started bleeding. To eliminate corruption from Pakistan, we need senior journalists who are not only drunkards but who are also not afraid to hit others over difference of opinion!

The man (HN) has a following amongst some secular groups in Pakistan, though the wise and the noble in Pakistan stay away from him. He often talks about a revolution in Pakistan in the footsteps of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk of Turkey. He loves to speak against the glory of Islam as passed on to us from generation to generation. There are many fine people in Pakistan who are secular, but HN has no limits. He even belittles the efforts and philosophies of Allama Iqbal (ra), and refuses to acknowledge his role in the creation of Pakistan.

The name of that senior journalist is Hassan Nisar.

-         Written after years of contemplation and observations by S Roman Ahsan – Truth must be told and spread far and beyond – Fear ALLAH Alone!

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