Friday, 29 May 2015

Speaking and Listening


Speaking and listening are two activities in which we pass our whole day. Speaking has become stronger than listening. We listen only to reply. When somebody speaks before us, we start to think which words we should listen and which not. The speaker continues to speak, and we listen only those words which we need.

Only children know the art of listening.That is why many times by listening the children learn beautiful things. Listening makes us learners. Since capacity of listening is disappearing, capacity of learning is also decreasing. Even in family nobody wants to listen, everybody wants to speak. When we force someone to listen and say "you will have to listen" as it happens with many husband, people listen without listening.

Generally regarding even very light subject like what food you like most, which colour you like most, which not, you may hear the conversation of people, particularly women and you will find, everyone is speaking, no one is listening.

From very light subject to very serious subject we are not listeners. That is why we are unable to share with happiness and unhappiness of others. It is better for us to decide that we will speak three hours, we will listen four hours, we will think five hours. I hope by doing so we can control our actions also.

By Dr Manoj Srivastava

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