Friday, 29 May 2015

Praying in congregation


Praying in congregation is a beautiful experience when you visit a masjid for regular prayers & not just Jumm'ah or Eid prayers. Due to praying at home, we make certain errors which can be removed if we go to masjid regularly. At a masjid, the other people and the Imam can guide us about the correct method of offering Salah. It so happens, that we are not aware ourselves, but still we continue to make many errors over long periods of times which can be corrected if we go to masjid apart from consulting books of course. Salah is the first thing for which we are accountable to ALLAH (swt) on Judgment Day (Roz-e-Qayamah), hence we should take care to offer it correctly. There are some differences in the method of offering Salah between some schools of thoughts, however the basics remain the same. Praying with Jamaat earns a person 27 times more 'sawwaab' than praying alone.

Praying in congregation is obligatory (fardh) for men. It is better to offer our regular prayers in masjid but if we are unable to due to office timings, then even two men can offer Salah in congregation in office, which is the right way than offering it alone.

May ALLAH (swt) guide all of us to the right path - Aameen.

- S Roman Ahsan.

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