Friday, 31 July 2015

My aim

My aim
My aim in life is to serve and care for my deaf parents, and to support in making their last years in this world very pleasant without pushing my demands. On the other hand, they are still very active Ma sha ALLAH and my father still works a full-time job while my mother cooks and cleans in the house. But still they need someone to live with them who could understand them and who could act as a bridge with my other siblings who live out of city and country, apart from other daily chores to help them. I understand that I need a life-partner but it is not important compared to what I can do for my parents and due to their special needs, it would be difficult for me to marry and bring a woman in this house. But that's OK. I have left everything to ALLAH Almighty. I am not very young now and turned 45 this year. Women want a lot of financial security and right now I don't have that kind of position to marry. So let's not fight fate and succumb to God's plans. Let Him take us on the plan He has for us and He is the best Driver for the boat of our life. With this, now I am going to Model Town Park for a walk before Maghrib Salah. Remember me in your prayers and ALLAH bless all of you - Aameen.
- S Roman Ahsan.

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