Sunday, 5 July 2015

True warrior uses love as motivation

True warrior uses love as motivation

The true warrior fights not because he hates the one in front of him, but because he loves those behind him.

Many see the warrior as a brute who loves to fight and hates his enemies so much that he is willing to destroy them, but this is not really accurate. The true warrior doesn't fight because he hates the one he is fighting. Rather he fights because he loves what he is protecting. There is a big difference.

Have you ever wondered how the warrior can meditate, be holistic, walk in love, and yet train to injure or kill another person? This is the key to the answer to that question. The warrior knows better than to harbor hate in his heart. Hate is a negative energy that weakens your heart and mind, clouds your thoughts, and has bad affects on the body as a whole, such as causing diseases and even cancer, according to some studies.

None of these are things which the warrior wants to cultivate. The warrior needs to have a strong heart and mind, clear, rational thoughts, and a strong body. He (or she) stays away from things that go against his goals as a warrior. He stays away from hate, long-term anger, malice, and negative energy of any kind.

Wise warriors use love as their motivation - the love of life, the love for those around him, for his family, and for his principles. These things strengthen the warrior instead of weakening him, and ready him to do whatever he must to keep those he loves safe. Bohdi Sanders ~ MODERN BUSHIDO: Living a Life of Excellence

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