Saturday, 1 October 2016

Goodbye Bollywood


When I was growing up in in 1970s as a child, Indian Doordarshan TV channel was able to relay in Lahore. Indian Bollywood movies were shown in the evening twice a week and we used to eagerly wait for them. It was a treat if a good movie with good cast was shown (a favourite hero and heroine).

TV was black and white but we still used to fully enjoy the movies (apart from Hollywood movies and other shows on TV). In those days, a hero was a hero with good moral principles. He would always be a good and warm person who cared for his parents, siblings and everyone around him. Of course, a film hero had to be good-looking also. He used to fall in love with a beautiful girl whom he wanted to 'marry' :) and not any illicit relationships as shown nowadays, There would be a villain or a gang also, so this was the typical kind of story those days.

Today, there is little morality in most Bollywood movies. We should say goodbye to them and also because now there is revival of Islam after 9/11 (and not just terrorism funded by our enemies). In any case, we cannot achieve closeness with ALLAH if we regularly spend our time in watching movies. It is high time that we change ourselves.

Hence we need to focus more on how to achieve spirituality. And by spirituality it is meant 'Islamic spirituality' unlike the false glitter of "modern-day Sufism".

When we give up some 'colours' for the sake of ALLAH and strive a little harder, only then we can achieve some level of spirituality.

May ALLAH open our hearts and minds - Aameen,

- by S Roman Ahsan.

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