Thursday, 13 October 2016

The Amazing Fruit, Pomegranate

The Amazing Fruit, Pomegranate

I enjoyed some pomegranate seeds after quite a few years. Amazing fruit it is, if ripe. Luckily, the fruit I bought was full red ripe and was sweeter than it was sour in taste. Both sweet and sour tastes make it a mouth-watering treat. We should make it a point to taste any fruit which is offered by different seasons. Fresh fruit of season has always got some health-benefits and it should be preferred over quick snacks and junk food. Fruit is also cheaper than the different kinds of snacks in the stores, so why not?

A Muslimah said that we should eat the seeds of pomegranate together with the internal cort, the white membrane which separates the sections of seeds. She said it helps in the prevention of heart and stomach diseases, and that she has seen many Turkish and Polish people eating it. I was not sure about it as I did not know this before.

When I bought the fruit again, I asked the local fruit vendor about eating the inner white membrane in pomegranate. He said it is good for preventing gastric ailments. Hence, that way I cross-verified the fact about eating the internal cort of Pomegranate.

 - S Roman Ahsan.

nd u know if u eat it with internal bitter Cort,u may feel virulence for a while but it's cure for many diseases specially for heart and stomach diseases.

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