Friday, 7 October 2016

The Liberal Lover of Islam


Many educated Muslims do love Islam but they have many liberal tendencies also.

This is due to the exposure to various environments in the country starting with school, college/university, eating places or restaurants, superstores, cinemas, clubs, home-environment, sports spots, relatives/friends, media sources (Internet, TV, cell-phones etc.). All these affect our inclinations or tendencies.

Hence, there are many times when we are claiming to be good Muslim but we have liberal tendencies also. Islam is NOT liberal, it is conservative in spirit. Therefore we need to apply checks and balances here and there. And it is true, only ALLAH Almighty will judge us in the end but we still have to try our best so that we achieve success in afterlife eventually - Aameen Sum Aameen.

- Syed Roman Ahsan.

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