Saturday, 29 October 2016

'Naya Pakistan' and Islamabad Shutdown


- By S Roman Ahsan.

Many Pakistanis like me do not support any political party. Imran Khan 'might' not be a corrupt politician but he is always giving examples of the models of Sweden or Switzerland whenever he is talking about future of Pakistan. Unfortunately his upbringing is too posh for a country like Pakistan.

Pakistan is a poor country. A patriotic national leader in Pakistan should talk about the lessons of simplicity foremost while addressing people in his processions. We do need excellent standards in all spheres of country but first of all we have to start with simple lifestyles.

By simple lifestyles, it does not mean that we do not make progress in technology, healthcare and education. It only means that on overall basis we should strive for simple living without unnecessary focus on luxuries. Auto-loans or car-loans offered by financial institutions should be dropped for example. 

And do we know that Imran Khan's Shaukat Khanum medical labs tests are very expensive for common people in Pakistan? We get our mother's tests done from Shaukat Khan lab in Model town, Lahore due to convenience in distance only otherwise they are not affordable. But I assure you that an average middle class family in Pakistan cannot afford the tests at Shaukat Khan Labs.
Sharif's family Ittefaq Hospital (Trust) in Model Town, Lahore is providing services since the 1990s at least. If one has any experience of this hospital, then one would exclaim that it has "smooth functioning" for all of its medical facilities and services. For the poor, the hospital waives off fees also and not just Shaukat Khanum Hospital. Another thing is that Ittefaq Hospital (Trust) has not been built with the help of money raised from concerts and shows including those with participation by Indian Celebrities unlike Shaukat Khan Hospital. It is because late father of Nawaz Sharif was a religious person.

It cannot be said that Imran Khan and his party have not taken some sincere steps for the country but what kind of NAYA PAKISTAN is Imran Khan dreaming of if his medical labs are catering services to only the top 5% (roughly speaking) of the society in Pakistan instead of the common people?

I have been supporting Imran Khan all along but my fixation with him was over when his second marriage (again with a glamour girl) ended in divorce just in 10 months. I am sorry, personal life of a leader of a Muslim country does matter, at least for me. It shows one's inclinations and how mature one is really in making choices. 

Islamabad shut-down rally is an extreme and dangerous step for Pakistan in these times. It should be avoided and especially since Mr. Imran Khan is himself neither perfect nor very mature. 'If' a Pakistani leader is corrupt, we have to think of other ways on how to expose him while not ignoring one's own demerits / weaknesses.

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