Friday, 17 April 2015

Beard - A Constant Vs. Variables


Keeping a beard is one of the components of faith in Islam but the length of a beard does not determine the level of faith (emaan) and Islamic knowledge one has. Some Muslims unfortunately emphasize too much on length of beard but they need to understand that we need to focus more on our inner self (baatin) than our outer manifestations of faith, though we need to keep everything in balance. A friend said a beautiful thing that beard is a "constant" while our deeds and inclinations fall under "variables". However, keeping a beard should come much later for those Muslims who are born-again Muslims and first they need to work hard on purifying their inner-selves like adhering to truth, honesty, good mannerism, being kind and helpful to people around them, being fair in their dealings with others in professional and personal lives, building their knowledge on Islam and struggling against their lower selves 'Nafs' while devoting time for worship acts. In any case, Rasool Allah (s.a.w.w.) instructed us to grow beard and to trim our moustaches according to hadith and hence keeping a beard is reckoned as 'Wajib' and not just 'Sunnah'. Outer physical manifestations of faith without striving to remove evil from our inner-selves is still not desirable - Keeping a beard still makes a person work consciously to build his inner-character, it needs to be stated. May ALLAH (swt) make us good Muslims while not neglecting the humanitarian obligations of 'deen' - Aameen. (PIC FROM THE MOVIE 'THE MESSAGE')

- S Roman Ahsan.

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