Friday, 3 April 2015

Men Helping Women


THIS WAS SHARED BY A YOUNG LADY ON FACEBOOK: "A real man helps around the house. Washes and cleans. Helps his mother, wife or sister during household chores. Our Prophet (peace be upon him) was a beautiful example of this. He constantly did house work so be inspired by our Beloved and help out the women in your house."

MY RESPONSE: "Actually, it depends on the respective situation. Men in Pakistan do help women in the house but if a man works 10-12 hours a day in office (due to the blessings of Capitalism) then you cannot expect him to do household chores also. However, he should show empathy towards women in the house also and help them whenever he can through different gestures. Also, today a lot of women have office jobs to contribute towards the income of their house. A man should respect their hard-working spirit (but only if they are not going out of house just for 'feminism' and 'freedom') and should not expect that they do all housework also for them. Hence, in that case, men need to equally share the household work with them."

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