Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Pakistan First?



"Pakistan First" was the slogan coined during the regime of President Musharraff in the early 2000s when USA attacked Afghanistan after 9/11. Mr. Musharraff might be sincere to his country but perhaps his mind had not grasped the concept of "Ummah". According to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the whole Muslim world is like one body. If the eye is in pain, then the whole body suffers.

The policies approved by the Ex-President might have been favourable for our country but the Muslims from across the border in Afghanistan were targetted due to those policies which caused thousands of casualties. Many tribal people in Pakistan's North were also killed when there were no terrorists there and TTP was not formed then. It is said that there was a suicide attack on Musharraff's convoy also. We should not support any such suicide attacks but still we need to understand the bigger picture as to why it happened? If someone lost his close ones due to Musharraff's policy, then being a tribal person he is bound to take revenge. And Musharraff was a hater of Islam and quite opposite to General Zia also.

For Muslims, only those wars are justified which are fought for the sake of ALLAH (swt) alone and not to safeguard the interests of nations, races, sects or being under pressure from external forces. We can bend ourselves to some extent if we are weak but not become so much callous and selfish so as to allow the blood of thousands of innocent people to flow like rivers. Our policies should be made strictly according to the code set by Almighty ALLAH (swt) and His Prophet (pbuh).

- S Roman Ahsan.

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