Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Healing the World

Healing the World

Could we survive without 'pure' and 'innocent' words? They heal our souls and fortify us against all evil in the world thus charging us with a different light. In today's era, the beauty of innocence has gotten lost in the intellect which offers no consolation and which is only structured so as to lure us further away from the truth. Intellect and reasoning without virtue and integrity is not the destination which we should seek!

Following are some beautiful words shared by a Facebook friend Jennifer Aileen Miskin-Flake, an American lady who is a mother of five children and has a heart of gold. We became friends on FB a few years back and she is one of the few people (including some Pakistanis with me of course) who have a clean heart and who mostly focus on the 'positive' side of things trying to spread light in these dark ages. We have both learned from each other and have guided each other. Jennifer has her own blog where she posts content on 'healing mind, body and soul'. 

"I LOVE living in this time and age. Let me tell you to anyone out there afraid of the doom. You really do not have to be. Yes, there is a lot of struggle going on right now. But, listen, this Earth is FULL of elect, amazing, holy, sweet, peaceful, far-seeing people from all backgrounds who love, love, love and are working, working, working and who are honest and committed and any good thing you can possibly say. You need to find them and listen to them and surround yourself with them and you will see that THAT is the world we live in. The struggle WILL be healed, and sooner than later." - Jennifer Aileen Miskin-Flake

"Days of the Arrogant" - by S Roman Ahsan

The days of the Arrogant will be very soon over in Sha ALLAH,
The days of the meek begin - A promise comes alive !!

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