Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Last Crusade

While the “worldly intellectuals” in the Muslim world have been downplaying their own faith, let’s check what the Evangelists and Jews have been up to all that time – Can we face fire without fire? And who needs lessons of "tolerance" actually?



A vast majority of the Christians of the United States of America consists of Protestants, and among them, the most committed and the most active in the broadcast dissemination, explanation and elucidation of the Bible nowadays, are known as the Evangelists, some fiery orators of whom have spread a wide network of their personal Radio and Television channels. A monthly journal of theirs, named “The Philadelphia Trumpet” is published from Philadelphia. The founder of the organization from which it is published, was Herbert Armstrong, while its present executive is Mr. Jerry Flesher. These people are more ardent supporters and aides of Israel than the Jews themselves, as their agenda is the same as that of the Zionists.

According to both of them, the great war, Armageddon should take place as soon as possible, as a result of which Greater Israel would be established, and then it would be possible to build the Third Temple of Solomon and place the Throne of David in it – after this they differ; according to Jews, their awaited Messiah would rule the whole world, seating on that throne, while according to the Christians, Christ – the son of Mary (as) would seat on the throne and rule the entire world after descending from the heavens (here Muslims also have a similar belief on the return of Jesus (pbuh) as per authentic Ahadith and ruling the world but with difference of interpretations in time and sequence)!

The Protestant sect has intense antagonism towards the Catholic faction. Hence, they avowedly label the Pope as Satan. Their allegation upon the Catholic Christians is that as, after the ascent of Christ (as) to the heavens, in the beginning of the second millennium, Pope Urban, the second, instigated the great crusade war, as a result of which the Christians remained in possession of Jerusalem from 1099 to 1187. Similarly, now in the beginning of the third millennium, says Jerry Flesher, Pope John Paul the second, wanted to revive the Holy Roman Empire after gathering the whole of Europe for the Last Crusade, so that the entire Christian world may gain control over Palestine and Israel and establish a Roman Catholic state therein – in this context, the picture of the Hadith of the Prophet (s.a.w.w.) emerges, according to which the ‘Romans’ will invade the Muslims with a massive army carrying eighty flags, with twelve thousand soldiers under each flag!

The dome towards the north is the Dome of the Rock, which was got constructed over this rock by the Umayyad ruler, Abdul Malik Bin Marwan, from where the heavenly journey of the Prophet (s.a.w.w.) commenced during Mai’raj (ascent to the heavens), whereas the dome towards the south is that of the Mosque of Aqsa. The Jews are all set to build their Third Temple, after demolishing both of them. Even a slight imagination of the great bloodshed that will follow this, makes a person’s heart quake.

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