Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Thought for Tuesday - 24th May, 2016

I got fed up with discussions on politics and talk about Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan, General Raheel etc. Let's talk about life, water-melons, relationships, trees, skies, rainbows, mountains and......life.....


There are some households in Pakistan, where the emotional and naive husband severs ties with his own siblings upon the incitement of his wife who wants to gain total control over him. In Islam, it is said that one who severs ties with his close ones will not enter Jannah (paradise) unless one rectifies his/her act and renews relationship with them. We all have our shortfalls, but we need to amend them before we pass on to the next world for heaven and hell are a reality. If heaven is a blissful place then hell is a place full of torment where death will come from all directions but still the person never dies and keep suffering the pain of deaths.

It is to be noted that severing ties with close ones is different from the act of divorce itself. Though divorce is the least-liked act among permissible things in Islam but even some companions of the Prophet (pbuh) carried out divorce with their spouses. However, divorce should only be carried out as a last resort when all measures have failed (including the roles of mediators). Divorce should not be put in action just because someone does not like his/her spouse or just because someone has fallen in love with some other person than one's spouse. Unfortunately, today we see couples breaking their relationships just because the husband or wife has secret relationships with someone else. That is absolutely forbidden and haraam in Islam.

May we all learn more about the code of Islam and to apply it in our lives so that we can achieve salvation in afterlife - Aameen.

- S Roman Ahsan.

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