Saturday, 1 April 2017

My Breakfast And You


Today we will discuss about what to have for breakfast with emphasis on well-being. This post is just meant to serve as a thought-provoking piece and one can further improvise on it.

It is often said that we should have a proper breakfast because we are starting the day. That is true and we need to pay good attention to what food items we are consuming when we wake up after a 8-10 hours fast.

I have a very simple breakfast but I will share with you what I take. First of all, I eat two dates (khajoor) from the local market, not the fancy ones covered or sprinkled with sugar or honey. Next comes a full-boiled egg for nourishment. Lastly, I prepare "doodh patti" (milk from fresh Gawala milk from a somewhat trusted source) and then take it with two slices of "BRAN BREAD" (after baking in the toaster).

"Doodh patti" eliminates the craving for having tea and it tastes even better. Eating "BRAN BREAD" is good for your health compared to white bread. However, if you want to have yet something better then go for home-made "chappati" instead in the morning (one side wet with water and then butter applied to it) as it makes you energetic in the morning. Having cereal is also good but for that you need to make sure you are avoiding "cosmetic" cereal brands that are available in the market.

Other than dates, fruit should be avoided for breakfast. The ideal time to have fruit is about two hours after breakfast on an empty stomach i.e. around 11 AM or so.


Syed Roman Ahsan.

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