Monday, 10 April 2017

Meaning of True Love


You want to know about love? When Sayyidah Maymunah was about to leave this world, she instructed that she be buried in the place that she spent her first night of marriage with the Messenger of Allah ﷺ. Even in her final moments, all she could think about was those first moments when she gazed upon the most beautiful of mankind. He was more precious to her than the air that she breathed and the life that she lived.

This ummah has lost the meaning of romance. It has lost the meaning of sacrifice. It has lost the meaning of loyalty. It has loss the meaning of true marriage. We don't know how to treat our spouses with affection anymore. We don't know how to show them how much they mean anymore. We don't know how to look at them in the eyes and tell them how much we care anymore. If we want successful marriages and lives, we must return to the way of the beautiful one ﷺ. The people of the dunya gaze at TV screens and wish their marriages were like that. We gaze at Rasul'Allah ﷺ and only wish our marriages can be like his.

FROM FACEBOOK PAGE: Hazrat Maulana Abdurahman JAMI - Rehmatullah Alahy


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