Friday, 7 April 2017

Visit Madinah For Many Reasons


If you struggle with sin or you are going through hardship or you are starting to lose motivation and you are feeling like anxiety is taking over your life then I strongly advise that you visit Madinah - if you are able to afford it. Madinah is a city which gets rid of sadness, it purifies hearts, it cures souls, it lifts burdens, it removes illness, and why should it not? It is the city which was blessed to kiss the feet of the Messenger ﷺ. It is the city where iman seeks refuge. Many people say they are not good enough to go Madinah, but guess what? Non of us are good enough and we'll never be good enough. Non of us deserves this honour, but this is all from Allah's mercy. The moment you stand before him, you'll drop your head and tears will come down your eyes as you say, "al-Salatu wa al-Salam 'alayka Ya Rasul'Allah!" and your life will change. I don't care what you are going through, life will transform.

Madinah was known as Yathrib which meant the city of illness but the moment he entered, it became illuminated and cured, so imagine you enter into his vicinity. Your desire for sinning shall break, your burdens will be lightened, your being will be illuminated. Really just do it. Just book and go. Just go and see the mercy of my master. Whoever goes to the leader of creation will never leave empty handed. If you go and don't feel peace and tranquillity then wallahi, I give you permission to spit in my sinful face.

FROM FACEBOOK PAGE: Baba Sualeh - Shaykh Abu Sualeh


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