Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Students of knowledge - Show weakness to Allah only

Students of knowledge - Show weakness to Allah only

Our teachers gave us a rule in Syria. Students of knowledge do not let their emotions out to the world. If you are upset, you cry to your Lord. If you are upset, you speak to your teacher. If you are down, you fall into prostration. If you are broken, you recite salawat upon the fixer of hearts. If you are sick of life, you send salutations upon the doctor of the hearts. If people mock you, you make du'a for them. If people hate you then you simply ignore them. If you feel low then you pray to the Most High. If the world turns against you then you turn towards the Creator of the worlds. If you are angry then you beg for Allah's forgiveness. If you feel hatred overtaking your heart, you fall on your knees and pray for your enemies.

Dear student, if you do not heed this warning then you will drown in the world when hardship comes and you will be lowered in the sight of man. This dunya is a test. You have to keep moving. Don't get caught up in the meaningless words of people. Stick to the truth. Stick to the Sunnah. You are imitating that Prophet ﷺ who was stoned in Ta'if and still lifted up his hands and called out for their forgiveness. Lovers don't complain; they take the pain. One day you shall carry the weight of this Ummah on your back. Stay strong. We only show weakness to Allah.

FROM FACEBOOK PAGE: Hazrat Maulana Abdurahman JAMI - Rehmatullah Alahy


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