Thursday, 18 May 2017

Penalty for violating Ramadan in Public

Under the Islamic law 'Ehtiram-e-Ramadan', the Pakistan Senate has imposed Rs. 500 fine and 3-months imprisonment for eating or drinking in public during Ramadan. It is insane for the government to impose such a big penalty for violating Ramadan in public. Rs. 500 fine is sufficient to teach a lesson to violators but 3-month imprisonment does not make sense at all.

In fact, there should be more focus on serious penalties for hoarding eatables and increasing their prices during Ramadan. And not letting the corrupt get away!

Ramadan is a month during which Muslims concentrate on building their relationship with Almighty Allah. Some people are nevertheless not able to fast in this month due to their health issues, age-factor or because they are not Muslims. We hope the forces do not punish such individuals for eating or drinking during Ramadan even while they are themselves trying to not violate the Ramadan spirit publicly. We have little trust in Pakistan's law enforcing departments and their 'talents'.

Pakistan does not need these kind of laws which can only make many Pakistanis further drift away from faith. Let's focus on 'serious' implementation of penalties for violations in many other areas which we are ignoring.
- S Roman Ahsan.

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