Friday, 12 May 2017

VIDEO - General Zia's Speech At Chakwal


MUST LISTEN - Speech by Late General Zia ul Haq delivered in Chakwal - Listen to this speech and decide yourself if such passionate words can come out of the mouth of a true lover of Islam or a hypocrite? General Zia talks about educating the women in this speech as well as caring for humanity.

(NOTE: This post is not about creating opinion in favour of military rule or Martial Law but only about one individual. He was not perfect but much better than many of today's Political Leaders. Please check content below the link also).

On his death anniversary in August 2016, a long long column was written by someone with title "ILLUSION OF ISLAMIZATION" - Many Pakistani Muslims with weak faith were impressed by that column only because of its high-vocabulary and deceitful logic. Satan is the Master of illusion himself we should know!

It is ironic how some sinister elements in Pakistan would go to great lengths to defame a leader who only made efforts to safeguard the interests of Islam and who was hailed in whole Muslim world then owing to his strong stance on Islam and Muslim brotherhood. Terrorism in Pakistan started not due to 'any seeds sowed by General Zia' but due to the policies of Musharraff who wanted to please the United States.

Sheikh Imran Hosein, the distinguished scholar of Islam who has also served as a diplomat, says this about Late General Zia:

"General Zia did many good things and though he succumbed to some bad things also but Al-hamdulillah he died as a Momin and Shaheed."

It is clear that certain groups in Pakistan do not want dominance of Islam in the country and that includes foreign-funded media groups, think-tanks, NGOs etc. They hide their hatred for Islam behind Western imposed definitions of "Radicalization" and "Extremism" (though we do need to address some related issues in Pakistan but not to the extent as 'painted' by the wolves of Satan). They are least bothered about the invasions of Muslim countries after 9/11 by US and NATO alliance. If they are not sincere with the Creator then what kind of afterlife are they investing in even if they might have abundance in this world?

The Lord gives abundance to people irrespective of their faith in this world but the rewards in afterlife are only promised to His true believers. There are only two kinds of people in this world. One who work for Allah Almighty and the other who work for Satan. There are shades in between also, but even then a person is either tilted more towards the Almighty or towards Satan, in principle.
May the Almighty make us fall in the group which works for Him and may we work hard for the glory of True Islam and Pakistan - Aameen.

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