Sunday, 14 May 2017

Zia, Imran Khan & Military Eras


Imran Khan was also my great hero from 1970s till 2000s - But I have always had more respect for Late General Zia. It started with my father's blind love for military rule (Ayub's era, Zia's era and also Mussharraff's era). However, I started to analyze things independently in the 2000s and my views evolved. 

Ayub was a liberal person but he was still a gentleman who cared sincerely for our country. Zia was a passionate lover of Islam and after Bhutto, he tried to infuse the spirit of true Islam in the country yet he faced huge challenges during that time. He was not perfect (as nobody's perfect) but still earned high respect quickly in the whole Muslim world and he was made to represent the Muslim Ummah in a session of United Nations. If some pics are circulating on Internet showing his forces causing torture to journalists and others, then that is due to propaganda against him. Many of the steps he took for the country were fair and necessary as per the signs of those times.

Lastly, Musharraff was a coward and hater of Islam though the steps he took against Nawaz Sharif, GEO and Laal Masjid were somewhat correct (some of them more than the rest). Still, all terrorism we see today in Pakistan is due to Musharraf's policies to please USA and not due to any 'seeds sown by General Zia'.

Imran Khan should be highly ashamed of speaking against General Zia and his stance on Afghan Jihad.

- S Roman Ahsan.

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